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911 Steering Wheels


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Hi all, 

Can't seem to make a WTB thread for some reason, so thought I'd try my luck here. 

If anyone's interested in selling an aftermarket steering wheel, please send me message. 

I've got a Nardi wheel, but with the adapter it comes out too much. 


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I know you need to be a financial member to sell, maybe the same for WTB.

Someone will let you know soon, if correct I expect this post may vapourise :unsure:, if it doesn't, let'm know what car you want to use it on.

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20 hours ago, LeeM said:

 Nope. WTB threads or posts don't require members to be financial 👍

 Not sure why you can't create a thread @rminc

@Orlando @Kerry ?


Previously it has not been this way, however we've just had a chat and decided that it probably should be. I'll be making a more general announcement immediately after this, however, you - and all members - will be free to make a thread in Wanted (and Free? FREE?! Free!) now.

Thanks for the ping @LeeM and the question @rminc!

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On 12/03/2021 at 20:35, spiller said:

I have a 993/996 cup Porsche branded momo Mod 07 that I would let go for the right price. Suits the aircooled cars nicely too. No longer available new. See pic below for reference (not my actual wheel).





How much are you after? 

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Thanks @OBRUT. What kind of wheel is that and what are you chasing?

I want to grab a few. Maybe a 350mm and even a 370-380mm. I think the standard wheel is 370mm. 

Does anyone know what kind of quick release is pictured on this car (marine blue targa listed on carsales). I like the setup. Would like to do something similar. 


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1 hour ago, rminc said:

Thanks Lee. Been trying to find an all black one as pictured. Haven't been able to find many. 

 Maybe try Demon Tweeks in the UK? 

Just don't buy one of those cheap ones on Ebay or whatever online, as there's been a few name brands that are actually Chinese knock offs, and they bend and/or break like some fake Momo's have done

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45 minutes ago, Samp said:

Thanks I dont think that you did reply.  I cant even remember which wheel it is. Is it the momo with the yellow ring on the top?

Nope, the other one with the Porsche crest. 

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