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SWANPOOL CAR SHOW...invite from organisers.


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Might be a few of us going for a drive to Swanpool (WTF is Swanpool I hear you ask....between Mansfield and Benalla sorta).  

A few of us ended up there  last year for a couple of hours.

At this stage it might be just a meet somewhere, and a drive up, or make your own way and see you up there.   If we can try and park together though that might be good. 

There was a good variety of cars there last year and due to that success (first after covid)  they are expecting more this year.  

No need to contact anyone up there, we have an invite and will just roll up on the day.  

Entry fee of $5.00 goes to local community amenities.

This time they are running a peoples choice vote system, via mobile phones, but only one vote per phone.  

No idea how that works, but there is no doubt the BBC will walk away with the honours once again. 

Anyway, if anyone interested, let me know and we will organise something.


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I will post up a meeting place and time a few days before the event.  

I'm just envisaging a casual  drive up, to keep the cars "pristine"  and then  just head off home when you feel like it, or we can head off together.  Thanks Gents. 

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How about a 7.15 for a 7.30 kick off at McDonalds CarPark. Main Street and Deschamps Avenue, Lilydale.

Looking at just a drive up the highway to Swanpool which will be around 2 hours, and 168 K's according to Google maps.

Don't forget to bring your portable radios if you have them (ch 40), plus some cash for the entry ($5) and for any food and drink you might buy.

Hats were a must last year.   Also if you are in between Porsches and have something worth showing, please feel free to come along in that car.

A few shots of some of the stuff that turned up last year.   Porsches well represented.

I have been told there will be a contingent of Mercedes's attending this year, along with a lot more rods.

The event getting bigger each year.

So far we have 7 of us heading up, feel free to also bring along your better halves.













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Hi guys,

Sorry for the late notice, but I'm unfortunately out. Unexpected family lunch - the last of the festive season one would hope! I'm sure there will be a few more drives while the weather is still good! Have fun all and I expect to see pics.



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For those coming, and just confirming  at 7.15 am for 7.30 sharp, head off.   Smackas Lilydale.  

Looks like the weather is going to be perfect for a drive, but still going to be hot later in the day, according to my weather ap..20' to 36'.   Bring a hat...🤠

Radios CH 40 if you have them (charged up preferably ..you know who🤣

Cash is King up there in the  bush, for drinks, food and the $5 entry.


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