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Tangerine '70 T targa resto


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About time I start a resto thread for this car

Owned it for over two years now and just sat waiting patiently at the panel shop for well over a year till it had its turn

Now the panel work is done, progress will be faster. Fingers crossed

The car is a 1970 T. Delivered in California and converted in Sydney in the mid '70s. Have a bunch of history documents with it

The original Sydney owner pulled the car apart for a quick resto but the usual story, got distracted and sold it on to the previous owner who I bought it from in 2014

At some stage in the '80s, the car had a colour change to red amongst other typical '80s updates like a graphic equalizer (!!), sport steering wheel and cookie cutters. All of which I will be reversing soon

Here are a couple of pictures when I bought it




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While I was waiting for the car to come back from the panel shop, I pulled the seats apart and started on them

Had mismatched hinges with surface rust after many years of storage

Here is the before...



...and after pictures. $600 later but worth it


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Yes its very solid. The only rust spot I could see when I bought it was about a 50 sq.mm next to the pedal cluster. However when it was stripped, found some rust in the bottom of the LF guard, left door and left quarter. But overall, not anything to worry about. All has been fixed now. Will post some pics later

Pulled the dash pad off, PITA. Off to the Dash Doctor. Apparently it will cost $550 for the dash pad and $100 for the speaker grill and 5 weeks


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The battery box looks to be in good nick also generally these are a rusty mess ..............looks like a good solid body ,,,,,,,,,,,,can,t say I have ever see a fire extinguisher mounted in the engine compartment ...??

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Not just one, but two. One on each side with heat sensors. I assume they just burst open if the temp increases to a certain degree. Not sue if I will leave them though


here is a better picture of it


Tank removed and area cleaned. Very solid too


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Spent couple of hours cleaning the crap off the pan


Overall was in pretty good shape, Most of the factory coating is intact except for few spots which I will seal properly

Here a picture after cleaning


Then sealed


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Then 3 coats of POR15



Then reunited with a cleaned steering rack



Using brand new bolts. In fact every bolt will be replaced with a new zinc plated bolt. Also put in a $2.5k order with Sierra Madre of rubbers, seals, screws, bolts, etc. Should arrive next week


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Thanks mate but I have to admit, I am fast forwarding between pictures. They were taken about a week apart

Must admit I am getting frustrated taken stuff apart but not being able to put anything back on because I am always waiting for something (parts) or someone (platters, dash doctor, etc)

Couple of weeks ago, I started on the seats. Here's what I had



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I must say I do know your pain form previous experience ,,,,any rebuild or full restoration is going to have a large degree of frustration associated with it ,,,,,these sort of things are a labor of love as I am sure you know ,,,,the good thing about early 911,s is they are relatively simple cars to restore ,the unfortunate down side is the cost associated with them ,,,I am enjoying watching the progress and always love seeing someone like your self bring one back to its former glory ,I think it is the ultimate expression of passion for the brand and love for the 911 :D

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Thanks for the offer Jono. When I was in the States last March, I ordered and picked up a set of seats covers and pads from Autos International with the correct hound tooth inserts. Will be fitting them in the next few days


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