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Any one in Brisbane happen to be selling a scooter?

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you must be getting pretty fit by now?


I've flicked out an email to our entire company to see if someone comes up with something.

You never know...





Thanks Mike, I appreciate it! 

Haha yeah getting pretty fit, I was already doing pedicabs on weekends in the cbd for four years prior to this, but the food delivery is 6 nights a week so its getting pretty tiring. 

They're cheap in Melbourne. Wanna ride it up?

Could try to pop one in the mail ;-)

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I'm currently doing food delivery on my pushy and it's killing me. I want to upgrade to  a scooter, so if anyone has one let me know. Just looking for a little 50cc one so I can ride it on my car license.



You can motorise your bike - Kits on eBay ( and cheaper ) plus no reg costs

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You can motorise your bike - Kits on eBay ( and cheaper ) plus no reg costs

Oh yeah great idea, that could be right up my alley. Might even end up being quicker than a 50cc scooter too B)

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'Ere ya go! No liscence, under 50cc , in fact no cc!!

Image result for colin furze motorised bike

Hahah, is that from the Colin furze video? This is giving me so many ideas :-D

I wonder what the cops would think?

OK, so I had a very quick look on eBay, and they're are tons of kits! And pretty well priced too, and up to 80cc!

I'm pretty sure I like this idea much more than forking out for a pos 50cc scooter.

Gentlemen, it might be time for me to start a new build thread soon :-D

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Damn it, looks like petrol motorised bikes are illegal in Qld unless I can get it ADR approved and registered as a motorcycle. There are electric options that are legal, but I'm not sure they are powerful enough for what I want.

What a kill joy :(

Looks like I'm back to looking for a scooter.

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