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[VIC] Sandown Track Day 13th August

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I'm still buzzing after Saturday's track day at Winton. @hugh @TrevMcRev @wilburforce and myself had a fantastic day punting our cars around the wet Winton track. It was a great experience for all of us, learning the limits of our cars in the wet. The track was excellent fun and the Maserati Club did a great job running the event. The other participants were all well behaved and mostly considerate when others caught up to them. The best bit was having each other to debrief with about how our session went and then continuing to talk crap about Porsches. A great trip away with great company.

The Maserati Club are hosting their next track day at Sandown on the 13th of August. It would be great if we could get another PFA crew going along. I know there were a few people that couldn't make it to Winton but were keen. There are further details to come so keep your eye out on this thread and let us know if you're interested.

35483478920_0d3b6b26d5_c.jpgIMG_8359 by RR Films, on Flickr

35483481030_30a81618da_c.jpgIMG_8357 by RR Films, on Flickr

35062028873_141cd6e3a1_c.jpgIMG_8353 by RR Films, on Flickr

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Demister switch upgrade.  Nearly made you bin it last time.  Cheap insurance etc.


I think it's the pink Brrrrrrrrr button, - or + depending if it's cold or hot.

If I want to still do skids I'll press the green RAD button - because skids are RAD!



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Provisional yes.  My wife is away so will seek permission on her return.  It's in the family diary tho...

That date seems to work with me, so barring anything unforeseen and there is a PFA crew, I am keen.

Hoping to be there, not in a Porsche though.  All depends on timing of engine rebuild currently in progress.

Yes x2 with my mate Skunkwerks 

80% for me. Have a mates 40 the night before and will have to consider my consumption levels..

100% for me!

Best I get onto sorting my car!

Registration has been opened - $250.00 for early bird entry (cheap!) 



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Currently OS while my engine gets built back in Melbourne.  Probably unlikely it will be complete, back in the car, tuned and run in by then....damn it.  I like terrorising Porsches.  I'm keen to get into the 17s having finished last session with 1:18.00 ?

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