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Phillip Island hot lap this morning

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Got an invited from TEAM BLANCHARD, COOLDRIVE super cars today to go for a couple of laps around the Island in a Mustang :Innocent: with Tim Slade.

The team only established in November last year.   

The attached clip  is going past the pits and heading into turn one.   Apparently the speed down the straight before entering turn one is 250 to 270K.

Last time I did this circuit was in an MX5  in 2004, was a slight difference I have to say:CoolDance:   These cars are awesome, and I have much more respect for the blokes that drive them...

Great experience.. 

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41 minutes ago, wilson59 said:

Looked like you had a personal moment through turn 1 . I bet you enjoyed the experience

It was a fantastic experience.   I realise the drivers were obviously not going as quick as "normal" with passengers on board, but just watching Tim Slade operate that "Mustang" and the confidence and competence he possess was eye opening.  Going past the pits heading to Turn one, the speed was phenomenal... Just trying to imagine driving one of these things with twenty other monsters all around you defies the imagination.  






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2 minutes ago, luzzo said:

Great day out @Niko, awesome to see the team putting themselves out to entertain people.

Turn one always sorts out the men from the boys.

It's eyewatering. But I think you know that now 😜

haha I think I fell into the boys category.:ph34r:...  hospitality and organisation by the Cool Drive crew was fantastic.   

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