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1981 Porsche 924 Turbo project 95% complete for sale $11000


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I have been slowly rebuilding the original engine I blew  on my 1981 924 Turbo, over past 5-6 years.  It is Australian delivered, all matching numbers, very good condition body (origional paint) and interior ( pin stripe).

After a full rebuild and then Hartech Auto doing work on the ring gear and cold start valve, vacuum system the engine is running rich and I have run out of patience and money to complete it.

It starts and runs, but as I said running rough as possibly mechanical injection system, or vacuum system or...?? Has been fitted with Mercedes fuel distributor by rebuild mechanic - which may be the cause of the woes ( I have origional Porsche fuel distributor still).

I am not overly mechanically minded and have spent as much as the good lady will allow, so I am looking to sell this as a nearly complete project rather than "needs a tune".  Hopefully honesty pays - it hasn't so far.

Car has been garaged for 6 years and has about 120k on the car but only about 20 kilometres on the new engine.

Origional sun roof leather bag, origional owners manual with services recorded from Hamiltons Sth Yarra.

Great car and reluctant to part with it.  Price is very low for this model in this condition, so please genuine enquiries only

Too much work and extras to write on here.  Many pics and specs can be provided if interested.  Mt Eliza pickup

Adam 0438317314

pic front.jpg







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4 hours ago, 3legs said:

Must stop looking at this😀

The 924 was my first Porsche back in 1981 (brand new) and I had so much fun in that car ( both on and off the road. Note sunroof comes in handy. Will let you figure that one out😂😂😂)


Go on, you know you want it!! 🙄

Looks very well priced!! Good luck

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1 hour ago, Ant924t said:

I've bought Greeny's car and this is my first Porsche!

Can someone point me in the right direction for spare parts, dizzy cap and filters etc?

Congrats Ant! There are several places you could get parts depending on how quickly and how much you wish to pay :)

Local, could try your Porsche dealer, or BWA or Autohaus (both Sydney) or from Pelican Parts (or the like in the US). good luck!

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http://www.masterparts.com.au, cheapest place for filters, just happens to be in Australia (bonus) 

https://www.partworks.de limited items, cheap, very fast shipping

Rockauto, basic maintanance stuff, cheapest of US suppliers

Fcpeuro, good selection, good prices, lifetime warranty on items sold

Lindseyracing.com for nice shiny goodies 

Summit racing, for general performance stuff

Watch out for postage costs from the US,  a small piece of trim might be $3 but postage can be $95, 


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On 02/08/2020 at 09:08, Ant924t said:

Can anyone help with where to find replacement heater hoses (477 819 723 & 477 819 725)  or a work around?


Hi Ant,

That hose is difficult to get, it was the only hose I didn't replace in 2018.  However earlier this year I purchased one, I'm sure it was from design 911.  Tried logging into my design 911 history however it wasn't playing the game. Worth have a better look there, if you can't find something let me know and I'll dig a little more.


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My replacement hoses were simple elbows that I cut down from standard hoses.

I am sure someone on the forum will suggest a way of piecing together your shape, length & diameter out of multiple available hoses. You may jusy need to sleeve your pieces together. 

Good luck. 

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