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Paulys 924 track build.


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This has been a long time coming...

A while back my best mate picked up a cheap Honda CRX, a base model with a d16 engine. did some maintenance, threw a set of wilwood brakes, semi slick tyres and took it to the track. After each track day he'll add something new like coilovers or areo or strip more of the car. ect. I've been helping him along the way. 

Lately i've had a lot more spare time so what better than build my own track car and have some healthy competition with friends. 

First was what car do I start off with. Why not a 944 n/a? I know these things back to front and are proven on the track. Looked on the internet and the prices weren't worth me destroying for track. I went into work on a monday and looked at my mezzanine level and saw the 924 that dad bought for parts for his car just sitting there collecting dust. Why not? I stripped this thing when i was 14 so some of the work is already done. He had bought it already running so all the parts are there on the shelf. Manual steering rack, no sunroof... perfect. Oh it was an Auto.. Anyway so told my dad, he laughed and we got the forklift and pulled it down and pushed it onto the hoist. 

The project has started...

So it's a 924, Dont know what year it is. Who cares?
Auto, manual steering, no sunroof, electric windows + mirrors, and dashboard is in good condition. 


Strip and paint the car. It has had the worlds worst paint job. was brown now black with crows feet. 
Wide body - CGT rear flares, and CGT front flares or 944 ones depending on which front bumper i get. 
Build the motor - EFI, turbo ect. A lot of custom parts.
944/968 gearbox brakes ect. 

The rest will be decided along the build. 


Phase 1 will be getting the chassis/shell sorted and painted.

First things first. I stripped the rest of the interior (still need to remove the sound det). and stripped everything from the engine bay. The engine bay will get soda blasted and painted. I have the doors off, they're getting paint stripped. the pain was that bad. There's a lot to do, so here's some photos. 









Also couldn't help my self while waiting for body parts to arrive, got stuck into the motor. Can't do to much just yet, so stripping it and planning ahead what will be done to it. 








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Awesome mate! Look forward to seeing what you do with it.

Go the 24s!

Cheers mate, It's one of those projects i'll slowly need to hack away at. There really is a lot to do. Only thing. I'm not putting rego on it. I will get into to much trouble. 

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Thanks guys! 

Mike - The auto should have never made it into the car!! 


Just playing with the injectors and rail tonight. Found my 750cc injectors from the 944 build that i never used. They're Low Impedance injectors. I still have the resistors i made if i do use them, But i'm not to sure if i will as they appear to touch the head. 

The injectors are in the CIS holes. They're a little loose, but maybe drill them out and put in a sleeve or something similar. 

We made the fuel rail. and i gave it a polish. 




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Love a track P Car - Esp one with an engine at the front.

Look forward to some leading/chasing on track with you in my 944. Just don't paint it blue.

Completely missed this. What club events do you participate in?

I think it'll be white so be easy on me :P 

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Taking a slight turn in direction where we're heading with the build. 

After attending WTAC up in Sydney, then speaking to a few.. let's say influential people. I'll be building it to compete in WTAC in club sprint class. So body work will take a slight different direction. That's about it. 

Rules state we can only run bolt on flares, so I have to scrap the CGT kit idea unfortunately. But i have some flares on the way. Don't worry, they're no Ebay special flares. They're made to suit a 944, so hopefully not to much work to fit a 924.

The front bumper is going to be a challenge, It needs to be some what "factory" We're thinking to use a 951 bumper and get it to fit and pass it off as a GTR/GTP bumper. So possibly on the weekend i'll take mine off and see how "well" it'll fit. And if it's possible, then i'll make a fiberglass mould of it and work at it. 

While i wait for those I got started sanding.

the roof + both doors are already stripped. 1 door has a dent in it, so it'll need some love. 
Got started on both the rear 1/4 pannels and the front 1/4 pannels. They both will be cut so i didn't go to close to the wheel arches. I just used an orbital with 80 grit sandpaper to rip the paint off it. I'll have to hand sand the edges and corners ect. It's not going to be a show car so as long as it's got a decent coat of paint on it i'll be happy. 
Did i mention some moron painted it...?



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That's a bit of a different direction Pauly. Glad to hear you're going for WTAC. 3 of my mates were on track this year for it, there's definitely highs and lows which come along worth the weekend.

Good to see some progress is being made. 

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That's a bit of a different direction Pauly. Glad to hear you're going for WTAC. 3 of my mates were on track this year for it, there's definitely highs and lows which come along worth the weekend.

Good to see some progress is being made. 

It is a different direction compared to just having fun with the car on a track with mates, although i still plan on that. 

I suppose it depends how competitive you want to be. We're not going there to smash records or anything, or anything crazy like Rod (RP968). Their garage is crazy. one minute we're having a conversation, the next it's time to fire it up and the whole team is just focused while we're chatting away. But when on the track, everyone is just quiet and watching. It's nuts.

I mostly hung out with Paul (Red 944) mostly talking crap and enjoying the time there. I know him more personally than Rod and Patrick since he's in Melb. Patrick and i float emails across to each other now and then, and let's just say he's a bad influence! (in a good way)

It'll be interesting to compete there and some friendly comp with Paul as we're int he same class. I'm not sure how long the build will take, I hope to make it next year but we'll see. 

We've been pretty busy at work so hadn't had time to touch the car, But in that time a lot of planning had been done, I.e how the body will be, What exactly will be done with the engine, suspension + the rest. 

It'll be a bit of a journey as this is a little more involved than when i was toying with my 944 turbo. 

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Not sure if it sold, but I saw what I think is a genuine GTR front bar on ebay germany...



That looks to be a 944 N/A bumper with no fog lights. If my turbo bumper looks to be a challenge to fit, making a mould and modifying a 944 front like that would be a lot easier to work with. 
I need to keep the original fog lights front end look like the CGT/GTR/GTP does. Then none the wiser. 

Started playing with your yet Trev?

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Last week a huge box arrived at my shop. It included some fiberglass items. 
Slowly making them fit and bolting them on. Still plenty of sanding to be done, i waited until these arrived so i could start cutting before i sand spots i don't need to sand ect. 

For the keen eye, They are Broadfoot 944 GT2 flares. 
One side is mounted, more or less to see what modifications need to be done ect before i get to stuck into the body work. the other side will get mounted later once i'm happy with the first side. 

Because the car is sanded back and is in 6 different colours from the undercoat ect. the photo is in black and white to get the attention away from sanding. 
So here's the teaser shot.


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Don't suppose that brown dash is un-cracked and not going to be used??

The original dash is going into dads 924. I need to get it refinished in black. I'll be using his one which is cracked. will end up fixing the cracks with some fiberglass.

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