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1986 944 turbo for sale

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Hankering for a 944 Turbo

I've had the 944 at my local mechanics waiting, waiting for most of the year for it to have clutch service and a few other items sorted.  All it has done is remain airborne on a hoist.

So my exasperation your gain... 

Oz delivered 86 turbo 

White body - only has minor scrape rear right qtr behind wheel arch .  Otherwise orig paint - good. Straight as a die. W

Underside of car as factory

Linen interior - great , dash great , rear carpet great , seats great - ITS GREAT

Gold teledials fitted or turbo Fuchs available on discussion.

Yellow external adjustable konis

240xxx kms

Been a  Canberra car forever. 

It is booked into Buchanans for clutch and service work January. I'd prefer to sell pre Xmas . 

25k as is with the new clutch, bearing pressure plate  and service parts etc, or more post Buchanan magic and minor body and paint correction.

if you want pictures or, want to talk seriously call me zero four 77  nine zero 1 nine 1 1

cheers Michel 







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With regret dear boys I do believe it's available 

good guy on the forum keen as mustard, first porsche purchase decided he wants a car to drive home not trailer to a mechanic.

so for sale at current pricing (neg) up until it gets to Buchanans 

Give us a call


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Turbo has just had its minor paint issues corrected and get to  see it Monday. Then once the parts ordered from pelican front up can complete clutch pump belts etc. might move this to projects and then reassess sale, once it's running again and I've had some summer drive time  - will post up some pics 

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Is it painted? Both sets of wheels in the deal? Post the pictures dont talk about them dude.  A 30k car maybe, David Jones has a sale on maybe you should follow, 50% OFF give you $15k

I'll say it less polite than @Skidmarks , who the f*k are you mate.

Whilst I get your talk and humour  and I'm all for been abrasive when it suits a need, but not typically as my calling card.  

You some front for a wacked out car dealer or couple of big balled buyers I'm aware of down south  - certainly been low balled by some before 

Geez don't know to laugh or what.. but you been going round cocking your leg all over and applying yourself, like a 14 year old slapping on the brut before his yr10 formal. 

If you got any nuts, I want to know if they are  metric... 


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