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 I can't open the link mate, so if its a blue one I posted at Buik Motorworks, then that's the one I assume is the car for sale. Might not be that car though

Highlight the web page then copy it and paste it in a new browser .... it does open like that.

In short .... it is the photo of that car....

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@michel no wonder you like it as you're our no.1 culprit!


just wondering when I can come tie some flies with you 

Would be nice to finally know the details to help future buyers / sellers gauge the market....

details? Heard about this car a few months ago. 75,000kms 1 owner car allegedly immaculate, was been offered at 35k. According to the great race by multiple sellers - Is it sold? Did it sell for 35k? I guess Unlikely to know.



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