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Replace seats with new or recover?

Jason E

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Advice please.

The seats in my 944S2 need to be recovered (front faces only).  The leather faces have shrunk & cracked.  Quoted $800 in full, flash, Germanic perforated leather.  The seats work & there are no real issues with them other than the re upholstery requirements.

I am thinking though is it better to invest that money in some newer more modern reclining seats. (don't really need them to be powered, just have to recline & be comfortable).  Emphasis on usability as a daily rather than as a race seat.  Must be leather - don't want cloth or Alcantera.

I really like the Recaro Sportster CS type seat.  Anyone have any recommendations that aren't ridiculously/ hideously/ horribly expensive? 

again thankyou for your advice.



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800 aint taking you anywhere in Recaro land for seats.. go with the original at those dollars… 

Are the S2 seats comfy and supportive?


Same as what's in a 964. IMO very nice seats. every single person has sat in my car has complimented the seats. I can do 2-3 hour trips no issues. 

I would be reupholstering the seats 

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