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Lorne coffee run tomorrow Sunday 8 April

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Late notice I know,

If anyone wants an early start and drive down the Ocean Road tomorrow, I have put together around 12 Geelong area Porsche people to Meet at Ceres just off the ring road near Geelong.

Around an hour drive to Lorne via the back road.  coffee/brekky is planned.  Some may drive on to Apollo Bay from there.

Great weather tomorrow!


If anyone is keen 7am Ceres Hall car park . McCann St, Ceres 3221


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Thanks to John for organising a great drive this morning. As is John's style, he managed to attract quite a few cars, about 20 cars all up I believe.

I'm not going to be able to give a recap of the morning to the same level of quality that @Niko gave in his 3 Day Alpine SMT recap, but here goes!


A few Porsches spotted in the wild at their local watering hole, stocking up on fluids for the mornings drive.






The meeting point was 7am at the Ceres Hall. Outstanding location with the sun rising. Makes for some great photos.


Then it was out on the road. From Ceres it was the back route to Lorne, via Deans Marsh.


After stopping in the main street Lorne, it was discovered that there wasn't really a cafe ready to accommodate 20 Porsche drivers and passengers all looking for a fix of caffeine, bacon and eggs. It was decided to head just out the back of the town to a place called Qdos. Unfortunately it looks like someone might have forgotten to tell John!



There was some planned burn offs in the area. The smokey smell wasn't too bad, but the haze made for some great photo opportunities.








Unfortunately I couldn't stay long at the cafe, but I'm sure a good time was had by all .

Thanks to everyone for coming and making it a great morning out. 

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Perfect morning to do the Lorne back road.  We had a clear run all the way down. As Nick mentioned Lorne cafes were overflowing with school holidays, so it was decided to drive to a Qdos Art Gallery for breakfast up in the back blocks of Lorne. Half the cars managed to get lost trying to find the place (me included), but eventually most found it and we all parked together and managed a nice breakfast and coffee. There was a Kookaburra that swooped down and took the bacon off Marks plate much to our entertainment! 

Thanks to all that came along, I'm sure you would agree it was worth the early start.

Thanks @Nick S for the great photos, 

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Looks like a great run in the countryside I like !

Let's see some of you on The Haunted Hills run on 22nd of April, might even be some film stars amongst you.

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