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Audi RS3

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Certainly a quick car with modern civilisation benefits although I’ve heard they are a tad aloof, especially coming from a 911. A mate has a 2020 RS3 sedan and he loves it ( been a VW product person for ages). Check Jayemm on cars, on YouTube as he reviewed a TTRS3 not long ago. Not a RS3 but not a world away either. 

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I had a 2020 RS3 for 20 months. Boring when it comes to styling but great to drive in Dynamic mode. Any other mode was a bit ho hum for me. Biggest problem was fuel consumption in dynamic mode, nearly as bad as my modified V8. Comfortable for long trips etc. The best thing about the RS3 is the engine. I thought I would keep it longer but I struggled to fit in the car and eventually sold it (my head was near touching the sun roof and I am not THAT tall)

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I have a 2023 (8Y) RS3. They are incredible down low with the AWD system. Handling is superb. Really flat through corners and not harsh at all over bumps. When you hit corners with speed and accelerate they really turn in. I've not had any under-steer at all in mine. It's at its best when one is really pushing it. The transmission (7 speed DCT) is extremely fast and crisp. The sound from the exhaust is much better than people would lead you to believe. It actually has a really nice note that seems to improve once you pass 5,000kms on it.

It is however not the best daily driver. This is due to excessive brake squeal (Porsche owners know it too well) at slow crawling speed, and a dithering transmission that clunks when going from brake to coast to on throttle (think a roundabout approach). It seems to not know to down shift or up shift. Having the transmission in sports mode solves the problem (sticks it in gear), but it also makes the car run hotter and gives an annoying blip on downshifts - which can be a bit "look at me" around the city.

My gut feel is that these have to be valuable as a long term keeper. I don't plan on selling mine. All new non-allocated orders (quite a few - some that have waited 2 years!) have been cancelled in Australia. UK has had the same occur. So you can't go into a dealer and order a new one. My guess is about 100 cars were delivered to Australia in total. I could be wrong, but I've only seen one other 8Y on the road. They are quite rare and there was a really tiny allocation before ordering was cancelled.

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Mine had a really weird issue where the panel gaps changed post one of the services / water pump replacement. New car delivered in 2021, dropped its water pump and was at dealer for a week less than 3000 km on clock at the time. As I wasnt driving the car much, some months later I noticed that the panel gaps of the bonnet and front guards  were totally out. They couldnt figure out what happened but they sent it off to Zagame panel shop and re did all the gas. I sold car a week later.

As an FYI, I believe they also have a weird brake and rotor setup. Never got that far into ownership to nor did I investigate. The rotors are all either left or right handed ie they dont have left and right and do overheat. Most guys replace them with aftermarket rotors. Supposedly the pad set up was 4 pads per rotor too. Dont know how common that is but I thought it was weird.

The other issue I had was that the brake pads would "freeze" to the rotors after a wet session. So when you would next jump into the car after sitting for a while, put the car into gear and try and take off it wouldnt go anywhere. The car wont allow you to ride the brake and accelerator and since the brakes were engaged it wouldnt engage drive so you were stuck till you could rock them loose.




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6 hours ago, Shedpest said:

A guy at work bought a  new one in 2021 and the transfer box has shit itself,  common problem apparently.


 That's twice I've heard that in 2 days. 

4 hours ago, Frank said:

Had one and wife drove to shops and gym, the tranny leaked, turbo went, brakes wore very quickly and tyres only lasted 12k kms.

now has a A180 with all options and loves it so much more. Go figure.

 Well that's disconcerting 🤔

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I just moved from a 2017 nardo sedan, I had for 4 years to a 991.1S.

Honestly great car and lots of fun. Super fast but of course refinement not at 911 level (A lot of understeer).

Loved the 5cyl noise, eats tyres and brakes for fun, launch control is wild, never had major issues (only did 60km when sold though).

I like that it had a good at the Jeckle / Hyde mode so can chill when you are on long journeys and then become a rev head in sport.

Do I miss it? No not really the Porsche is much more refined as an experience but I would still recommend one if you want some cheap’ish fun.

Happy to chat more if needed mate!


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