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These hydraulic lifting tables are excellent. Only problem is, they are not very "low", so you need to lift the car pretty high.

Most 914 engine removal threads talk about undoing everything on the ground, then lifting the car off the engine using a jack on each side. I opted for the "traditional" method, jacking up, using jackstands, and lowering the motor out.In this case, I removed muffler, then heat exchangers, then removed the gearbox first.

The main reason for removal, is to convert the tail shifter to side shifter.. this will be interesting. In all honesty, the tail shifter works pretty well. The previous owner didn't have the linkage adjusted very well and it was hard to select 1st gear.. but now, it is dead easy. I shift gears slowly (not slamming like an idiot) and it is fine. But I already bought the parts for the conversion, so out it comes.



Engine is pretty clean, but does have a few leaks.. nothing major.. taco plate area, and near the oil cooler and oil filter.. 



Engine on the stand... so much easier than working on the floor....DSC01179_zpsvhibdwue.jpg

I love how clean this car is underneath. It's a real credit to the previous owner. 


Nice clean 901 dogleg transmission... (the eagle eyed among you may notice the Ohlins forkleg and Brembo monobloc caliper on my other money pit).








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Looks nice and clean.  Always much more pleasant to work on clean stuff.

Excuse my ignorance but is the 914 motor a vw type or 356/912 type?

Pretty sure my ignorance trumps yours...

The original motor is not in the car.. it now has a Type 4 2.0 914 engine... so I think in answer to your question, it's more a porsche engine than a VW engine?? 

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The Typ 4 is a VW variant - with unclePorsche  tweaks of course. though the 2.0 engine for some is the pic with 'better' heads etc.

mike you're talking like a pro - taco area 

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Did a little work today.. 

Cleaned up the fan housing.. it had 40 years worth of crud.. DSC01199_zpsltze0hj4.jpg


Mount for where the oil filter flange bolts..


Just needs to be torqued down.. Whilst this part wasn't leaking (obviously) it seemed silly not to change the gasket while I had the oil cooler out.


New oil cooler seals.. the old ones were very hard, but intact.. I suspect this was the source of most of my oil leaks.



Here is the fan shroud mounted to the motor..



And here is the cool little "bellows' mechanism that expands as it warms up, opening the flaps to allow cooling air to hit the cylinders.Using a heat gun, I warmed it up, and sure enough, as it gets warm, it expands and the spring on the flappers, brings them into the open position.. very cool!


Another job on the list was to install an extension to the cylinder head temperature sensor. Reason being, the car starts great and goes into fast idle when cold... but then it starts to hunt and will not idle properly until it is warm; then the idle is rock steady. One suggestion was that the cht sensor was telling the ecu it was warm enough when really it wasn't.. so I used the oportunity to get the old sensor out and out this extension in to distance the CHT sensor from the engine.. thereby delaying the info from the cht sensor to the ecu, until the motor is indeed warmer.





After having the injector assembly off, I can see the seals are a bit iffy.. so will try to locate some locally before re-installing...



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So when I saw my alternator... it looked like it had come out of a river.

It seems to work perfectly, but I figured while the engine was out, it would be a darned sight easier to do now, than later... Here is what it looked like before reconditioning...






And here it is after reconditioning....





And here is one of the cat...


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Jack Stands are scary...did you put them under the trailing arms? how did you secure it ? I assume wedges on the front wheels?

I don't think I'd be brave enough to drop the engine with the car resting on just 2 stands,thinking of building some sort of adjustable framework that allows me to still reach everything.somebody on the 914 forum came up with a pretty cool/cheap solution

I got mine on 4 stands atm and it was terrifying to lift it up with 2 jacks..

Nice car btw...i was chasing a 70' but ended up with a 72'...close enough...for now! :-)

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The first time I did it, I was extremely cautious!

After doing it a few times, I've become much more confident with it but I still give the car a really good strong shake, before getting anywhere near under it.

Post some photos of your 914! Until recently, I thought I was the only weirdo on this forum that had one!

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I didn't do the work on the alternator.. apart from removing and replacing.. I got Greenslopes Car Electrics to do the work.. $150... ph3397 4182

It seemed a very reasonable amount of money for a full overhaul.

I found those guys recently too. That's really cheap. 

Oh and I take it you no longer need my gearbox guy? :) 


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