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Mini Cooper S

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I have had this little fella for a while now, but have only just "finished" him to where I am just going to drive now.
A few of the guys have asked for pics, so here it goes.
It is all matching numbers, something which is even harder in the Mini world because they were more common and every man and his dog made replicas and cut up genuine ones because of their low value.
It runs a straight cut close ratio gearbox, which adds to the aural assault.
I have had it out to Mallala, and while it was fun and very different to the 911 the lack of straight line speed is a bit frustrating.
Clearly, terrorising passengers in the Adelaide Hills is its forte.







More pictures









more pictures









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Love that interior! Looks amazing and those seats look really supportive. Noticed the handbrake looks like the only thing that hasn't been restored is the paint on the handbrake handle. I guess that's soon to be done or has already these pics are before hand.

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Love it. I've always wanted a Mini. I know all too well what it's like being a terrorised passenger - a mate used to have a very dodgy hotted up mini panel van - how that thing stayed on the road, I don't know.

I spent the afternoon digging my AH Sprite out from under many layers of stuff in the back of the garage to get its broken axle seen to and get it back on the road.

Seeing this and this http://porscheforum.com.au/index.php?/topic/7042-ah-bugeye-to-05-987s/ has inspired me to get my non-Porsche going again.


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that gearbox/ratio sounds annoying for any trips involving the highway haha

Made the mistake of hitting the highway recently.... definitely not so enjoyable, luckily there are always alternatives.

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Bringatrailer had one identical to that for auction a few weeks ago, a 68 that had found its way to the US. I seriously considered bidding on it to bring it back here, I’ve always wanted a Cooper S and it looked like it would be cheap enough to repatriate. Sadly it didn’t make reserve and the seller’s ignored my messages, probably a lucky escape!


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