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1957 356A Speedster Chassis 83334

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Ok, spill all please!

What do we know about this car that is going to be auctioned off tonight and who will be attending?





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Its Geoff Thomas' car, originally from the USA and is a LHD > RHD convert.  Originally black with beige from memory, he'll want a truck load for it but agree with the above originality is what the market likes, it'd be worth more if it was LHD.

Ron Goodman knows the car also.

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Just sold at Gooding for $682,99 USD:


ex Jerry Seinfeld.


that's $900k aussi...

if the shannons one went for $400k I guess the questions to ask

1. what is the cost to restore (assuming matching numbers or a waste of time othwewise)

2. How much did the 'Jerry Factor' add?

Are you upgrading the wife's Boxter already F40?? :) 

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Looks like a beautiful car, why not just enjoy it as is? If the intention is to flip and make a dollar I'm sure there are plenty of better options out there including importing your own US LHD car.

Whilst I understand its not original I'm sure it will sell for less than an original, owners loss, your gain. It seems a shame to wreck a completely good car, not like its been painted purple with a 959 kit on it. 

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