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Porsche's in the Park - Sun 5th March


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desperately need to test the 930 on a biggish drive before our big tassie trip and thought (along with Kurt) that it was about time we brought back Porsche's in the park to have a meet followed by a big drive.  Meet at the usual Brooklyn joint for coffee/sausage roll. Talk shit for an hour or so, and then head off for a drive. Current thinking is head north and link up on the Putty road for what will be at least a 4 hour drive.

7am at brooklyn, Sun 5th of March

Hands up who is in so as i can organise the sausage roll order (drive is optional, but you do own a Porsche for a reason)

Link to previous meets which has all of the location details if you haven't been before


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Ok guys time to lock this date in for 2017, had a great turn out last year, lets make it bigger for 2017


24you better wake up the rest of the central coast crew Pete. 


You know how fickle they are, especially that big bloke, Ronny.  Probably waiting for a written invite.

I'll remind them all at next week's All German Day on Newcastle Foreshore.


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so far:


Turbo T

Peter M


Port 911


Mrs Itsujack






Sausage roll order goes in this weekend. Anyone else want in let me know



Ok i got a question, are you allowing Peter M to go on this SMT driving a Passat, because as far as i know that's all he's got at the moment.:D

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