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My latest project.

Looking for knowledgable assistance in determining a course of action. 

My support that the power steering pump pivots on has broken off. 
There are 2 ends where a bolt goes through for the PS pump to pivot from, this allows the PS belt to be tensioned. 
One end of the my pivot has broken as per the attached photos.




In a discussion, with those in the know, they posit  that this material does not take to welding. Its some kind of cast alloy. I would be interested if someone knows of a welding technique that could work. 
If anyone has had this issue before, below is the part, I believe, is my broken culprit. I have circled, in red, where, I think, the broken bit has come off. Labelled - Item 19, “bearing case”.
Have I identified the correct part?


I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has had this issue. 
My options, as I see them at this point:
    1.    find a replacement part. I need to confirm I have the correct part identified. Also has this part changed on different model years. Mine is a 1988 944s. I would be interested in hearing from anyone what is involved in removing & reinstalling this part. It seems that all the belts would need to be removed.
    2.    weld, if possible. Welding in place would be a challenge as the space is tight & the proximity to “leaky” fluids, plastic & rubber.
    3.    fabricate a bracket to reinforce in place 
    4.    get use to no power steering

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We have seen this happen, usually its the case when the rear power steering pump was not done up tight or somehow comes out and the pump is tilted on the bracket, eventually the bracket snaps because of the sideways tension. Ive welded a few, but now we just buy 2nd hand ones. Parts Porsche parts on eBay is usually pretty good



to get it off you will need to remove the balance belt/ cam belt and rear plastic covers a sits part of the lower balance shaft



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Sean @Buchanan Automotive

do you know if the “bearing case” part number 944 101 042 is a specific part number for the year & model? 

Mine is a 1988 944s, 4 valve 2.5 litre, which was only available for 2 years. 

I’m wondering if the S2 model’s bearing case would fit as the part would be more readily available as a used part due to the larger production numbers.


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I have found lots of replacement used bearing cases in the US.

But some suppliers are quoting a part number which is 944 101 142 4R which I believe was for the turbo motor.

I don’t think this would be compatible being a single OHC with my motor where mine is the twin cam motor. (1988 944S)

Does anyone know the difference or how I would go about finding out if it compatible?

@Buchanan Automotive

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The  " 944 101 142 R " is a casting number & not the actual part number that Porsche uses or put anther way , its the number used by the manufacturer ( not Porsche ) of that cast alloy component for internal identification by the casting company ( its their part number )

There is no difference in the actual part from 1986 to 1991 , be it a 951 or a 944 or a 944S or a 944S2

Note }  Sometimes during the years of the sublet manufacturer is making components for Porsche , Porsche may request a small change in the manufacture of the said component & when that happens the "Casting " number will change slightly , but the component still fits the same models and years of what the original was intended for

Bruce Buchanan  
Buchanan Automotive

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