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  2. The biggest conspiracy about power usage is that home consumers have been convinced that their electricity usage is to blame for rising costs and impacts on the environment.
  3. Sure, but that’s the reality. There are still plenty of low km IC Porsche available for us to drive wherever we choose. If you live in Europe, soon you won’t be able to drive your existing car into many town centres. I don’t actually need to buy a brand new 911 every three years. It’s far too complicated to cover in a short forum post, but the coal and gas industry are very well looked after in this country in myriad ways. Don’t understand your ‘priority access’ comment. The free market is pricing renewables favourably over fossil fuels even without government intervention. Forget about the RET, the bigger problem for local power pricing has to do with export deals set a decade ago. Hence we pay more for the gas we produce than our international customers. The average low to middle income person was shafted royally, but not by the RET or renewable industry. It’s as a result of this that rapid take up of household solar by wealthier people has the potential to really fuck the poor. But it’s not the burgeoning renewable industry that created the problem. Bad short term deals were done by both sides of government, and the working class will pay the price. I don’t think life-cycle assessments are favouring IC over EV. There are substantial problems with both approaches. You don’t buy your way into environmental salvation. Manufacturing more of anything, EV or IC is environmentally unhelpful. I suspect there will be enough petrol and freedom left to enjoy this hobby, for our broad demographic here anyway. My observation of the younger generation is one with far less interest in cars and driving than ours. You look to have a pretty special garage there @redracn, get out and spank them I say.
  4. good tip about not using engine braking - i don't really do that, and that's what caused John's engine to blow up at Sandown - apparently LS3's don't like hitting 7500 rpm on the downchange! I'm currently using track addict pro with a link to my go pro (whatever the new go pro is, it doesn't need a cover so the sound is heaps better, plus the image stabilisation is good) I also use a bluetooth obd2 to get revs/throttle etc from the car. I tried to also hook up an external 10hz GPS reciever on the weekend but I couldn't get it to work while the bluetooth OBD2 reader was connected, but if i can get that to work as well then you have track position/lap times/speed and G forces all sorted and very accurate. the phones only sample at 1Hz. lap times they are within a 10th normally, but they go off the track at corners. I'll show you at the track sometime. I am looking into a AIM Solo 2 or a Racechrono pro so that i don't have to keep plugging my phone in and out and connecting to everything every session. Something i could maybe hard wire to 12v or a usb plug and leave in the car. Dunno, we'll see. I'll show you my set up sometime, it's pretty easy for basic videos. Just needs to be a bit more accurate on the GPS side of things. You could probably hook a external GPS to harrys to get accurate speed data. or just try track addict.
  5. Thanks mate I've been running track addict with a go pro and blue tooth OBD2, but I want something a bit more accurate, and I couldn't get it to work with both my obd2 and a external GPS, which meant I have to give up some data. I've been trying to decide between the racechrono above, or the AIM Solo 2. Rob - I've sent a PM.
  6. At this stage the shoving is not local but cars are not manufactured here so we are beholding to overseas manufactures who are at the mercy of much larger governments. What happens over there will absolutely affect us as in most of the future Porsche range being EV only. What subsidies do coal and gas get in Aus? Yes an even playing field would be great but the RET (Renewable Energy Target) along with priority acces to the grid for wind and sola is far from a level playing field. Why should other forms of generation have to change their output which comes at a cost to them which is passed onto us just because the wind blows harder or clouds come over. I agree 100% about more EV leaving more liquid fuel for performance cars but as far as CO2 budget while the EV are coal powered there is no real reduction. The current CO2 evaluation is a big con as it only looks at tailpipe emissions and not the actual mine to recycle emissions which are what actually matters.
  7. Someone with multiple cars including Porsche's complaining about high electricity prices and then using subsidies from those less fortunate to reduce their cost is a bit rich. Perhaps it is your very reaction to the price rise caused by others that is causing the price to rise even further. The RET is a major factor in this with the end result that only the well of can afford electricity. The use of EV will drive the costs of electricity even higher. Hang on for a wild ride.
  8. Weekdays riding solo= Macan is perfect! I daily drive mine and it’s a great place to be. I would only go for the Cayenne if you need the space or towing capacity! I agree with @Tips consider the Macan GTS too! My dad bought one of those because he could get what he wanted with minimal options compared to a heavily optioned Petrol S.... personally I say buy the Turbo 😂
  9. Which Australian government is shoving EVs down our throat? A lot of European cities are introducing extensive IC restrictions on driving into city centres, but that seems a very long way from political reality in this country. I’ve seen bugger all political pressure to switch. Coal and gas get plenty of government support and subsidy in Aus, and I really don’t understand the need to be partisan about where the generation is coming from. There are plenty of very lucrative business opportunities in renewables also. Give them all an even playing field tax and subsidy-wise and let the market figure it out. My feeling is that getting the average Corolla buyer to transition into an EV over the next decade or two is more likely to prolong the internal combustion option for the enthusiast if anything. If overall fleet emissions drop substantially on the prosaic stuff that means more CO2 left in the kitty for the performance cars. Australia is in a good position to power a lot of ‘boring’ things with renewables. It might be what keeps us in our fun stuff for longer than most.
  10. Price has increased by $1,500 I’m sure by the morning it will be raised to god knows what
  11. I emailed him as soon as I got an alert!! I’m super keen however I’m in Tassie for work next week and don’t think the stars will align for me
  12. Thanks! sounds that the Cayenne is the winner to your questions I’m looking for high quality and good performance (had bad experience with both MB and BMW after the warranty) The thing is that we also have a Ford Ranger Raptor, so in most weekends we use it (off-road, bicycles, etc) usage - weekdays it’s only me and sometimes with my 10YO daughter (front seat) weekends - sometimes with the missus + daughter thoughts ?
  13. Those damn smooth talkers! “New and improved....”
  14. They are different cars from many points. what are you using it for? Family wagon with young or teenage or older kids, just you and the misses, just you? i have a petrol Macan S and love it, but spend 70% of the time with just me driving a commute, the other 30% of the time it’s with the mrs and our dog. If you are keeping it a while and putting kids older than 8 Or 3 kids in the back get the Cayenne. More space and a flatter roof line. The Macan roof line slopes to the rear and taller passengers struggle. As with any Porsche check the options list it makes a huge price difference. A GTS will have far more kit than a standard S Macan. It Sounds like the GTS is aggressively priced and might be the better deal for a family wagon.
  15. Or test drive for himself!? C'mon @LeeM , come to the (water cooled) dark side!
  16. How did you reach the conclusion that all people with sola(r) panels don't value grid connection? My driver is purely economical nothing more nothing less. Got sick and tired of paying thousands of dollars a year for power. Prior to leaving for Singapore in 2015 we were paying anything up to 12k a year for power. That's what I objected to, not the grid connection or the different value of electrons as you put it. You certainly went way off topic and target with your response. Just like there is a place for ICE cars I also believe there is a place for EVs. Not going to bury my head in the sand and not look at an EV as a future purchase. After driving a number of them I can appreciate them and their future place. No-one is pushing it onto me I just think the tech is viable for my situation.
  17. Hi all, I’m new to the forum, I have two options with a similar price: Cayenne GTS 2017, 20,000 km with really nice extras OR, new Macan S (need to order and wait few months) I need to give an answer to the dealer of the Cayenne shortly - the price is good and the finance is great (EOFY, they want to get read of the car) i’ll buy An extended warranty for the Cayenne any thoughts? Thanks
  18. Good value at that price! Interesting comment: "IMS bearing has been attended to by Porsche factory solution" there was an IMS replacement bearing offered by Porsche but they stopped selling it. It's also the same design as the original bearing - sealed with "lifetime grease".
  19. Also depends on if you buy into the N spec or not. I personally do but others may disagree. The trade off is the tyre is tested and approved for the 996 (for example) but as technology moves forward should you buy a tyre with newer technology or a tyre that was tested and approved on the 996?
  20. That's looking like great value - 77k on the clock and currently listed at $48k. Surely can't last long!
  21. I like it that people with sola panels and you seem to have a lot of them think that there is no cost in providing their backup for when the sun does not shine and that their unreliable sola electrons are of the same or greater value than reliable on demand ones . Sounds like you should be fully off grid to get a better idea of the true cost of a 24/7 reliable power supply. I assume when you say 1MW for June you mean 1MWh I get your point about showing off on a Porsche forum but hypocritical? I do not pretend EV are good for the environment or ignore child labour in third world countries mining the rare earth metals an EV requires or forget that the less well off help subsidise solar panels when I could easily pay full price. Dont get me wrong, I am not against EV as such just the invalid reasons for choosing them and having governments shove them down my throat. After all the more EV out there the more fuel for me to burn and I am doing my best to use as much as possible while I can.
  22. One for @LeeM to go test drive for someone unfortunately not me.... tough to resist though
  23. Yep.
  24. It's no easier in the earlier models, and twice as many things break. You are however, only left with 19 screws.
  25. Economy not so good. Money is harder to get for toys.
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