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new boots for OTLW


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Looks great - perfect sizing. What offsets are these running?

I literally emailed Fifteen 52 and said - "mate, picked up Magnus's black 930 and want a set of  wheels the same as were used in the STANCEWORKS shoot" - wheels got delivered.  

tyres were a bit more problematic (the car is lowered) -  but finally got it right with:-

Front – MICH 18/60-15 TB15 (215/55R15)

Rear – MICH 26/61-15 TB15 (295/40R15)

I reckon the turbo carrera badge could do with a dose of black crome

thats a rare badge

Necessary Patina and compulsory tyre ballooning ratio, gotta love that!

Do they schtick?

yet to fully test, but check out the treads - thems stickin

10" wide on the back, crikey that's erm, quite some width :o

we call it 'girth'


your fetish, not mine ;) 

15"s look so right on pre 964 stuff. now just needs less US bumpers.

lets everyone know i'm 'special'

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I have it on good authority that you once left the road backwards in a silver 930.  I hope those old schools Michies keep you on the black stuff.....

  Shhhh. We don't talk about that.....errr....Never happened, don't know what you're talking about, move along

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