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Some of you by now might have heard about our upcoming movie! It will be about what the PFA means to us, as well as the community, and also what it allows us to contribute to and be involved in. This will include footage from the PFA_TRACKDAY.01, DAKDAK - this Saturday, and an SMT - upcoming.
I'm happy to present a little teaser that we've just put up on YouTube! You'll find it linked below, on the newly minted PFA YouTube Channel, where we are looking to purpose it as a hub for more and more media content involving what all of us love to be involved in. Be sure to subscribe to the Channel to see the movie when it comes out, as well as keep up to date with our future exploits.
The movie is still in the works in terms of creation, and if you'd like to be in it again, or you missed out the first time, we're going to continue with filming at this weekend's upcoming DakDak Cafe (4th March)! If you're interested, we will be filming 8-10.30ish-am. Come and check it out!


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Will this be the Victorian chapter only or do you have plans to visit other states? Just a question, not complaining :)

Go to Victoria.. they dont bite ;) Or even better lets meet in the middle around the end of the month.. I need someone to drive home with 


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Stoked the boxster made the initial cut.

Bummed I can't make the next shoot.

Hope there is crowd control... sounds like there will be a cast of thousands. Should be great!

cant wait to see the next cut!  Congrats, looks awesome.

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