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‘87 Carrera Turbo Hot Rod NLFS

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1987 Carrera LHD US car

Guards Red original paint

3.3l Turbo (1991 964 turbo engine - the peak development of the 930 donk)

930 brakes

New Bilstein suspension 

Fatter torsion bars but still quite a nice ride

Black interior with immaculate black sports seats

930S steering wheel but you can have a prototipo or standard wheel if you want

G50 LSD (original option)

Wevo engine and gearbox mounts

New clutch

Just serviced

Fifteen52 Outlaw wheels or choose from Fuchs or RUF Speedlines 

VASS process done for mods, on M plates (not transferable)

Ripper car. My second favourite. I don’t want to sell it. I have a grand plan.



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@gut I think we need another dak dak coffee to discuss this...!!
You can't just sell the red beast and get away with it quietly!!

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4 minutes ago, StevepGT3 said:

Or a GT3

I 'reckon Steve is on the money here...You should know GUT better that a hotter hotrod would be on the cards

He is not as frail as us mere mortals who are weakened by the fairer sex.

I still can't believe it though!!!!

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No GT3 on the horizon at this stage.

The grand plan involves stuff of a more static nature.

I will happily keep this thing, but I’m erring on the side of conservatism - today at least.

This car really is a good thing. Arguably a full price but there’s got to be some incentive for me to release my grip on it.

I’ve got other toys you know. Catch me in a moment of weakness and you never know what might happen. Everything is fair game...928 GTS, ‘88 930, ‘73 911S ?


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16 minutes ago, StevepGT3 said:

With this, and the other thread, I`m smelling an intervention.

Time to buy a fluffy white dog?

2 hours ago, Troubleshooter said:

The two major costs of our lives

Both controlled by vaginas 

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30 minutes ago, Ozvino said:

lets be realistic - @GUT would drive a SmartCar like a crazy bastard, steering wheel orientation has little to do with it

I was thinking more along the lines of less chance of being kicked in the head in a RHD car ? Hope I’m not talking out of school ?

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Ok, there's 3 @GUT sales on now... It's a fire sale, folks! Megalo sale! Luke's selling up & buying Hyundai and going for tree change to,the high country, or is it he's:

a) decided to renovate with a 6 car garage! sell, build now and buy again later strategy!

b)moving to the us so he can buy 10 LHD cars!!

c) retiring to sth of France with that 20 yo from HR dept!!

d) saving to buy a v12 lambo, cos deep down he's a hairy Italian in gold chains!!

e) just  wants to buy all PFA members a coffee at the next dak dak!!

  • :LOL::LOL:
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1 hour ago, scashin said:

Should have put a NSFW warning!   What are those wheels?  Do they only fit wide body?

They’re Fifteen52 Outlaw wheels. 17x8/9.

These are specifically built for a narrow body Carrera.

You can order custom offsets to suit whatever you want.

I believe these would be close enough to $7k new here.

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