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FS 2003 Mini Cooper S

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I bought this car last year as a local (to me) one owner car with FSH, it is a black on black supercharged manual 6 speed.

My plan was to keep it long term, to that end I stripped it down and fitted a new clutch all new belts and tensioners, all new engine mounts, harmonic balancer, basically anything that could possibly be worn, new electric steering, all CV boots, I also installed H&R springs JCW wheels (original wheels and tyres included) and quality tyres, everything else is as standard.

Great to drive with the supercharger coming on song, with the benefit of BMW safety and AC.

I had the roof and door mirrors wrapped in Nardo Grey, the car has about 98K kms and is in beautiful condition.

I have just bought a restoration project and some extra space would help out.

Asking $18k which is about what I have in it, you will find cheaper ones, but you will not find a quality well sorted example like this, no excuses, no accidents.

Not advertised elsewhere






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Looks like such a great car.  I'd like to update our 'spare car'* from the faithful e36 and had looked at the supercharged mini but they all appear to be manuals and it needs to be an auto.  GLWTS

* - if you're going to exclusively own ageing german cars, it pays to have at least n+1, n being the number of drivers.

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