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Vic Club Permit Changes slated


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Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations are currently up for review including rules around Club Permits in Victoria. It is open for feedback till 8th July for what that is worth.

Biggest proposed change is to change the minimum age requirement be upped from 25 years to 30 years! Noting on item 4.15.1 in the Regulatory Impact Statement available from the link above that cars under 30 years old currently under the scheme will be grandfathered, so if sitting on the fence about moving your car that is 25-29 years old onto the scheme I wouldn't procrastinate!

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1 hour ago, Dalai said:

With the recent Import rule change to rolling 25 years, it would be more logical to bring all the other States in line with 25 years.

 You'd think, but typical Australian politics has each state not wanting to align themselves with each other. Bloody stupid we still have different rules for each state

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On 12/06/2021 at 21:11, Fishcop said:

And making it 30 years means 5 more years of scabbing full rego out of you...

... and extra stamp duty for the govt when you buy those cars (didn’t have to pay SD if it was going on the permit scheme)

Given the number of old clap trap Commodores and Falcons (and you can’t call it patina when you can fit your fist through the lower sills  and the car itself is 4 different colours) you see on club plates being used as daily drivers I was always wondering when changes were going to happen...

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21 minutes ago, Dalai said:

Some good news to finish the week on.

I still need to find the full details, but they are thankfully staying with the 25 year age minimum requirement as a Vic Club Permit applications.

Great news, first gen 996's only 2 years away from being eligible 

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11 minutes ago, BRAUN911 said:

Hi all, looking for a recommendation for a club to join. I have been in a few different clubs when I had a mix of cars, but now only Porsche. Have a 911 currently on club rego and soon will add a 944.



Hi Martin, 

Wouldn't you just add the 944 with the club you already have your 911 with? 

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