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Taycan Drive Impressions


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The Electric/Hybrid section was looking a little bare so I thought that I would add some thoughts on the Taycan.  

I drove an optioned base model.  I think that they are a very good looking sedan.  Power and response was good and it had a smooth ride.  The steering and the way it sat on the road reminded me of my Cayman, which is a compliment.  A lovely vehicle to drive.  Downsides?  I did not like the artificial sounds, the optional dash-wide screen had too much going on and it should at least  have a software option for one pedal driving.  

At the moment long distance travel could be difficult but that will improve.  For most owners, most of the time, that would be overshadowed by the ease of home fuelling.  

I am pro-electric, bearing in mind that it is not the answer to every transport scenario, however even for those who scoff at electrification, climate change etc, the Taycan is a wonderful car to drive.

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