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Newly acquired 356 B Super 90


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I have two little purple NSW Historic Plates in my hand – and happy days are here.   Towards the end of last year I suddenly put my 993 on the market with an “urgent : must sell” as I had found a new car.   Well, I still have the 993 (anyone, anyone ?) and this gorgeous 1962 Porsche 356B Super 90 has found a home in Byron Bay.

It is a USA import  -  I imported it directly from the seller in California.   This car has lived in both California and Oregon since new. It was prepared to be both a vintage race and road rally car while still being street legal.  The car was vintage raced periodically from the ’80s up until 2006, including 10 appearances at the Portland Historics with no DNFs. 

It is a numbers matching car, although some of those numbers are sitting in a box.   The car currently runs a 912 engine with Weber carbs.  The original transmission remains in the car, and it still runs on 6V, using an Optima 6 volt spill free battery.  The car has been lowered and balanced with Koni adjustable shocks and a Skirmants bar on the rear.  It has been de-cambered front and rear.  

It has drum brakes all around, with the following modifications made by Emory Motorsports who did much of the work on the car.  Reproductions of the factory racing backing plates which have large scoops front and rear to maximize cooling.  Steel braided brake lines.  Dual chamber master cylinder.  Super Blue racing brake fluid.  Special brake shoes.  Drums were ceramic coated with a heat reflecting coating in the center to keep the bearings cool and a heat defusing coating around the rest of the drum to expedite cooling

The 912 based motor was built by Motorsports International and contains

  • Balanced crankshaft & rods
  • Shasta 9.5 to 1 pistons and cylinders
  • Norris 3/4 cam
  • Weber 40 carburetors with K & N filters
  • Front oil cooler with Aeroquip lines, quick disconnect fittings and 930 inline thermostat
  • Lightweight flywheell
  • Distributor modified with Pertronics 6-volt

So far, I’ve removed the cage, replaced the required lights and fitted some non-mandatory seatbelts.   Panel shop touched up some small things (and replaced a windscreen I broke) and found no damage or rust to repair.  

Loves to rev about 2300rpm.   Once above that, it spins freely and quickly.  A mate of mine who does Targa took it for a spin with me and it is a ball – even at road legal speeds.

Here are some pics of the car prior to delivery to Australia.  I have no better ones for now, so here she is.









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Got to stop lookin' at that BAT site Chris.

 One cool ride you've got there. Welcome to the 356 fold.

Yes, it'll be the financial death of me B)

Learning lots already.........lots !

love it! you are getting good at this import business... how much do you charge for other punters :)

Importing is easy.   Compliance is a "little" harder.   Just tick all the boxes, don't try to be "smart", pay the fees and drive away.

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