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1986 3.2 Carrera Coupe

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Hi all, i am selling my 1986 3.2 Carrera (not a clubsport sadly) Coupe in white - dog in photos not included.


Has all the good stuff, aussie delivery, original books + stamps + toolkit + spare + rebuilt engine in 2004 + whatever else a well researched PFA buyer is probably looking for.

This car is largely original and in amazing condition as can be seen from the engine and underside photos.  Underside photos were taken prior to the M&K exhaust system being installed.  Full car history and logbooks included going back to original purchase.  

I have done some (i believe) tasteful mods to the car to make it more useable, such as the a/c, and more aesthetically pleasing (new interior carpets and seats reupholstered).

I won't go into too much prose here as this crowd knows what they are looking at but have put a list of highlights below.  Under my ownership car has been serviced at PCM and am happy to get a PPI done there for any prospective buyer.

  • classic retrofit a/c
  • Original a/c removed, this will be supplied in case you want to revert to OG
  • Centre console removed, this will be supplied
  • front seats reupholstered by blackmans automotive with original porsche script fabric (not easy to find)
  • Recaro drivers seat (gets you a bit lower in the car, the original Porsche Sport drivers seat will be supplied as pictured)
  • Lower front valance changed to one without fog-lights for a cleaner look (original valance with fogs supplied)
  • Front & Rear rennline tow hooks
  • Carpets by blackmans done in grey square weave (similar to that from a 356)
  • Rennline foot plates (hidden under carpet)
  • Wheels have been changed to repro fuchs in 16x7" & 16x8" painted red.  Original fuchs in black in 16x6" and 16x7" will be supplied
  • M&K active exhaust with M&K sports cat (original will be supplied)
  • Original Porsche cassette deck as pictured has been replaced with a period looking Blaupunkt Bremen SQR head unit and speakers upgraded to Focal Integras (very nice speakers).  Car will come with both old and new head units, you decide what works best for you.
  • Steve wong chip
  • classic retrofit fuse panel (not installed as was worried may be hard to reverse if wanted to go back to original, but will include as part of purchase)


Leakdown compression test recently done, results below which is prety good for a car with 268,000k's on the clock!  The car had a full engine and gearbox rebuild in 2004 at the Art of Auto Engineering.  Leakdown test was in 2020.
Cyl1 - 5%
Cyl2 - 8%
Cyl3 - 5%
Cyl4 - 6%
Cyl5 - 8%
Cyl6 - 5%

Car is advertised on carsales for $180k however am selling to this crowd for $170k as would be great to see this car go into safe hands and am sure there will be minimal wasting of time and effort with PFA types.  Pricing is based off $140k base price + $30k of mods done (don't tell my wife).  I'm in Armadale, Vic.  Am happy to ship to interstate buyers, car will be sold unregistered as is on club plates.


































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6 hours ago, FAP911 said:

Lovely Car GLWS

Curious! What Aircon system did you fit ? What % cooler than the original system?

Morning, it’s the classic retrofit system. I can’t give a percentage, however it has made the car infinitely more useable on any but the hottest days. 

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Good Luck mate. I still remember when you bought this as we were in the market at the same time and sifting through similar cars. I also remember that gorgeous looking red targa you had before this. Interesting to see you also have a 997 Carrera S, as this would also be my pick for a relatively affordable modern P car.

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1 hour ago, cafe_racer said:

The new car hunt is half the fun! :)


I sense some kind of GT3 in my future.

What about this one ... I believe it’s up for sale.

Hey ... don’t shoot the messenger .. it has a badge on the back and stickers on the side that say GT3! :ph34r:


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