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What's it worth? A '71 2.2 reco'd engine

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It's worth the most to the person who owns the matching chassis.

track down that chassis.

You've already had it for how many years?

Put some posts out there on several sites, list the engine number.  If you know the production date and the type you can start narrowing down the cars.  There can't be that many produced.  People know people with cars in that age/type who don't have the original engine.

Leave it for 6 months and see if you get a bite.  There's several people on pelican forums trying to track down the original engine for a chassis.  I was reading one post the other day where the owner had tracked the engine to Australia but the trail had gone cold.

The original chassis might be crushed, crashed or rusted.  Or it might be running a CIS 3.0 and longing for it's original motor back.

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probably about $20 +

Mike thats deeply aspirational. That 2.7 hotrod engine sold off the PCV site was listed at 18k (did it sell for that much?) - it had a cracker specification and good provenance been a very recent RRR build etc



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It's a non running, base model 911T motor ... with all due respect, it's on the bottom rung of desirability.

Check the engine type number - it will tell you if it's for a sporto or a manual and narrow down what car it came from a little further.

Whatever it's worth, it's worth more to the owner of the chassis it belongs to.

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