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SOLD - 1992 Volkswagen Golf Mk2 GTI - 5 Speed Manual Australian Delivered Car

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FOR SALE – 1992 Volkswagen Golf Mk2 GTI – 5 Speed 8v 1.8l Manual Australian Delivered Car in Alpine White. 161,780km, registered in Victoria (expires April 9, 2018). Custom Number Plates included – GTI.910 . 

I am selling my 1992 VW Golf Mk2 GTI. This is one of less than 250 Mk2 Golf’s delivered to Australia. The car is completely stock as it left the factory, down to the Pioneer Radio/Cassette player fitted by the Australian Importer on delivery. I have owned the car for over 9 years. This car won the VW Club of Victoria Annual Car Show Best Mk2 Golf in 2010 under my ownership.

 When these cars were sold new in Australia sales struggled due to the cost as a result of strength of the German Deutschmark - they were in excess of $33,000 AUD new, exceeding the price of a new SS Commodore in the day.

 The car presents in very good original condition. The paint is generally good with some paint chips and small marks as to be expected with a car approaching 30 years of age. The interior is 100% original and intact, with no dashboard cracks, intact parcel shelf, no ripped trim, as new carpets and uber cool late 80’s to early 90’s patina.

Everything works – lights, switches, electric mirrors, central locking, dash computer. I would suggest this is possibly the only MK2 in Australia that doesn’t have a cracked and disintegrating dashboard.

The spare tyre/wheel and jack have never been used or removed from the car. They are as new/as delivered.

It starts first time, has very smooth gear changes and idles as it did when it left the factory. I would suggest this is one of the last remaining unmolested MK2 GTI Golfs in Australia. These are extremely tough cars, built like Panzer tanks. The car includes two very rare MK2 Golf accessories that I purchased in Germany – an original Cassette holder for the console and a factory first aid kit – neither available in Australia.

 Under my ownership the following work has been undertaken: 

-       New battery purchased February 17, 2018

-       New cambelt & water pump

-       New coolant hoses, coolant flanges & thermostat

-       New Dashboard with no cracks installed

-       V Belts and tensioner units

-       New Rear Muffler, centre muffler and hangers

-       New Strut Inserts and bump stops, new rear shocks – all Bilstein equipment

-       New Front lower control arm bushes & outer tierod ends

-       New indicator stalk assembly

-       New gear Stick linkages

-       New Front brake discs and pads

-       New Tyres

-       New fitted car mats

-       New front bumper bar assembly

-       4 x genuine VY wheel trim surrounds

-       New front grill and Hela driving lights

The car has travelled a total of 2,000km since the above work was done. I have invoices for work and parts that exceed the cost of what I am asking for the car. 

Work Needed on the car:

 This is a car approaching 30 years of age. The windscreen and door rubbers are aging and could be refreshed. The rear bumper is discolouring in one area and can be refurbished. The black rear window surround (its a transfer) needs replacing. Very small rust bubbles are appearing in one are of the windscreen and above the rear passenger door in one area – very easy to repair. Only one wheel surround trim is slightly marked – all 4 were replaced by me with original VW units costing in excess of $400.

 The car comes with a box of spare parts including window scraper trims and other pieces.

 This is a very easy car to work on and represents a nice cruising classic that can be improved upon by the next owner. The car has been garaged every day that I have owned it. It is stored in an underground storage unit in the Rydges Hotel on Bell Street in Preston so I need 24-48 hours’ notice if an inspection is required. Any mechanical inspection is welcomed – at your expense.  

I own 4 classic cars and have decided to thin my heard. This is a very genuine car that someone needs to start enjoying. Please PM me if you have any interest or want to take a look.



















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1 minute ago, Pork Chops said:

Thin your herd lols. 8 or 16v :ph34r:?

Either way, hawt, and for the price of a few spare parts in the Porsche world.


Herd is being thinned, watch this space :ph34r:

8v - all the Mk2s that made it to Oz were all 8v cars, outside personal imports

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3 minutes ago, Bluegus73 said:

Very nice. My first car was a ‘76 Mk1 Golf. Wish I’d never sold it. 

This would be a great buy.

As per above though ..... what else is being “thinned” @Ozvino

Herd is leaving the station over the coming months - 928 S4, 924T, 987 Spyder....

New toy on the horizon

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A mate's dad had a biscuit coloured Mk1 GTi back in late 70s, probably one of the first in the country and I used to marvel at it going round a tight bend near home cocking an inside wheel carrying way more corner speed than physics should allow.  fond  memories so I found myself reading your ad thinking maybe.....?........ Glad you sold it before silly thoughts persisted.  

I've had similar fleeting moments considering a 928 so hopefully that goes quickly too and hopefully you don't have any Datsuns and escorts or citroens either ? 

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5 hours ago, Coastr said:

One of my friends has owned one from the original batch since 1994.  It has well past 350,000kson it though he has fitted a 16v engine.  I don’t think the dash is cracked either :)

they go forever and compared to a Porsche the parts are stupid cheap - having said that, they are no speed machine, even the MK1 GTI hero car is probably less powerful than a std Polo of today

The dashboards are worse than Porsches - filled with foam they bake and become brittle. The fact that people in the 80s and 90s poured buckets of armourall onto car trim didnt help either. I got a dash from the UK and swapped it in

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