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 I know there is another thread somewhere but I can't find it, so here another 'fail' thread.

 I've been having this weird 'clank' and 'clunk' in the front end for a few weeks since I lifted the front end with a trolley jack when I checked the fuel pump for loose wiring etc. It sounded and felt like something was catching on the moving suspension/steering parts through the corners and turning when parked etc, yet being slack/lazy/can't be arsed/too cold to go in the shed, I had no idea what it was.

 The first thing you have to do to look at the pump is remove the big metal cover that protects the pump which consists of 2 bolts and 2 nuts that also attach the swaybar to the body. No problem, easy peasy, zip, zap they're off... Fast forward to today, and I heard the same noise which had been pissing me off/had me a little worried that something might snap and send me into a tree (or another guard rail!), so being a nice day and having a little bit of enthusiasm after mowing the lawns (for the 3rd time this week being a fkn jungle!) I got the car off the ground to have a look. 2 seconds into my search with phone on torch mode I found the problem


 Holy shit...the aft bolt had snapped off (where my finger is pointing)!! I took this pic to send to a couple of SA PFA members to get some advice as to which way to go about removing the bolt with an easy out or whatever. Then I looked more closely and noticed the bolt was missing...so was the front nut...so was the left side of the car, WTF? 😳 Then the penny drops...I hadnt refitted any of them, as I left the cover off incase I needed to change the fuel pump after a test drive 😳😳

 A quick search of the toolbox and there they were. Shit! 🙄 I removed the rh wheel for easier access, and the inside of the tyres are badly worn compared to the rest of both front tyres, as I hadnt noticed until someone pointed out a little while ago I had a fair whack of negative camber on the front (I must be blind, as it was pretty obvious once pointed out), yet I think it may have been adjusted before I got the car back after my off a year ago. Now I need two new tyres, as I'm not driving on these. Swaybar bolts n nuts are now refitted 🙄

 As you may know, I'm  a pretty open book and will admit when I've done wrong, yet the moral of this story is for f..k sake DON'T LET ME TOUCH YOUR CAR! What an utter dickhead 



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3 hours ago, StevepGT3 said:

A magnetic parts bowl and an orange road cone in front of the car that doesn’t get moved until the parts bowl is empty can save this from happening, your not the first and won’t be the last

 👍 Funny, as I have the magnetic parts bowl which is currently attached to the same toolbox I found the bolts in, and the safety cones are in my van 😁🙄 


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28 minutes ago, Zelrik911 said:

Those swaybar rubbers are rooted & need replacement too. Thats a bustard  of a job.

If there is an easy way to do it - I would love to know!

 I hadn't even noticed that 🙄 Cheers 👍

 S'pose that's one way of finding out I need to fix my car is by posting pics of my stupidity on here 😁

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12 hours ago, LeeM said:

 As you may know, I'm  a pretty open book and will admit when I've done wrong, yet the moral of this story is for f..k sake DON'T LET ME TOUCH YOUR CAR! What an utter dickhead 

I know how you feel Lee.  I was recently at a mates place doing some tinkering on my S2 which necessitated the removal of the fuel lines which are basically suspended over the engine/ manifold etc.  (I had had the fuel lines replaced when first purchased as I knew the front engined cars have a propensity to burst into flames if the fuel lines are allowed to perish & leak over the hot engine).  We did the jobs for the day,  I reattached everything (or so we thought - it was my job to do the reattaching) & took it out for a test drive - perfect.  I then drove home about 40ks & parked up.  Next morning got in to go to work - engine wouldn't turn over & I got a very strong smell of fuel.  Pump, pump on the accelerator = overpowering smell of fuel.  Open bonnet - fuel all over the engine, fuel all over the ground & fuel lines hanging virtually free.  How the hell they stayed put over 40ks then let go overnight I'll never know.

Moral of my story - when I do work or help you do work on your car - check my work 3 times over 😀.

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 @Jason E Yikes! We sometimes learn by mistakes mate

 @Airhead I normally lay the bits I've removed on a white rag or similar so I remember to refit them. This time I remember (now) leaning the fuel pump cover up against a cabinet and the bolts and nuts on the floor, then dropping the car and putting the bolts in the toolbox so that I wouldnt kick them across the floor and gone forever. Ya live and learn I s'pose 

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my fail from 2 weeks ago.

My Capri needed a brake upgrade, so I bit the bullet and ordered some 4 pot calipers (hey, they only had 2 pot before), new vented disks, braided lines etc from the UK.

The rear drums stayed, new slave cylinder kits, all nicely detailed, new wheel bearings, hubs etc etc.

A clean out from under the arches, new deadener,reassemble it all, go to bleed the brakes.


I could not get any peddle pressure, well it took 3 pumps or so.

I must have cycled through 4 litres of brake fluid. It was bled to death, but still the problem, no pressure. 

Must be the master cylinder, dont forget it's now powering double the pistons, maybe it isnt pumping enough fluid in one pump?

New master cylinder then.

Same thing.

Here's a pic, you will all see my idiocy:


Even dad (retired diesel mechanic) could not figure it out.It was pressuring, but not first go.

Picked it? Were is the bubble in a spirit level? At the top.

Apparently airbubbles rise.

Yes, Id put the calipers on upside down, bleeder is meant to be to the top.

After a 10 minute swapover,rebleed, test drive, and it now stops better than it has in 30 years of ownership.



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@LeeM sounds like you’ve reached my stage of life - can’t be trusted that you can put anything back together how it should be so.......employ someone else to do it 😂

I used to do all sorts of mechanical shenanigans as a young fella out of necessity but these days I just fuck it up....

That reminds me, the X5 I bought in November, haven’t opened the bonnet yet....🤔 better check the washer fluid level tomorrow 😂

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The wheelnuts!!!! I did it many years ago and now the new toy is presenting plenty of chances to do it again. I had a failed contactor on my hoist so it has been stuck up on the safety dogs for a couple of days after doing the ball joints. A sparky mate has helped me bridge it to get the car down until the installer can come and replace the part. I had the wheelnuts pulled up except for the last torque up on the ground. Forgot to do it last night. Must remember, must remember.

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