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[VIC] Another last minute one - Sat 1 Oct

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If anyone's keen, I'm thinking about heading for the hills in the morning. Might head up Lake Mountain.

Bear in mind that it's looking like there might be some rain in the morning.

I'll be out early I think - leaving my place (Abbotsford) around 6ish.

If anyone's keen, shout out and I'll sort out a meeting point.

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Don't tease with thinking......do I fill up and do the driveway shuffle, oh and set the alarm with the new time???

Let's say YES

Daylight savings starts tomorrow so that's an hour less sleep and light.

What time?

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Hey guys

Its been a long time between drinks, they only just let me out..lol. 

If its ok l'd like to join in. Having bit of a late night ???? but should be ok. 

Looking forward to it,  coming in 2 P cars with a friend 997C4S and mine..

Hope we dont mix up new daylight savings time. 



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