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Rear Wing - Yay or Nay


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Spotted this Boxster today at Westfield Eastgardens in Sydney. I'll keep my opinions to myself in case the owner is on here as I understand everyone has their own preference, but I'll justpolitely say I am not at all a fan.

Curious what others think?




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Not my cup of tea, Maybe Shiv is vicariously living at the age of 15? Each to their own, 

My six year old wants me to put flame decals on my pride and joy. :) 

A hotwheels sticker above the passenger coat hook has been the compromise. 

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Hell no, bad placement, no taste.


At least something like this has a slight amount of taste to it with a nod to the GT2, but I still don't like it.




If you're going to rock a big wing, you gotta go all the way and hard top, add splitter and at least show you've got some goods...



Soft tops should not have wings other than a small stabiliser. Porsche got it right on all boxsters with the standard pop up stabiliser.

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If I actually wanted to improve downforce on a street car I'd stay clear of these nominally designed rear wings (it doesn't even have swan neck posts) and go for a full floor undertray CFD designed rear diffuser.

For aesthetics I'd have gone a ducktail style wing like the Fluid 987 rear wing to replace the standard one and keep the hydraulic posts.

Like this:


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