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FS - 1978 LHD ex Tokyo 911 SC

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I purchased this 911 from a very questionable dealer on Parramatta Rd about 8 years ago.  At the time it felt like saving a puppy from the pound.  If you search hard enough you'll find a YouTube clip they made at the time, complete with dodgy promo models draped over the car. Below is the story of the car from that point (have Japanese import papers but no early service history).

1) Dealer owner imported the car, drove it for a few months and the engine went bang.  Went to AH for a 'do it all' engine rebuild.  Basically everything from the fuel tank back got done.  The invoice was sufficient for the owner at the time to want to exit the car.  I was looking for a dual purpose street/track car at the time and this seemed fit for purpose, particularly given the complete engine rebuild from AH within 300km (and the fact I'd never driven on track meant I didn't need a huge hp beast).  I reasoned that, while the owner was incredibly dodgy...it wasn't the cars fault....the body was good, suspension good and engine fresh.  Gearbox was the mystery....which of course bit me later :)

2) Car was driven on a mix of road tours around RNP/South Coast and the occasional track day, for 4 years or so.  Quite often it would do little for months at a time as there were plenty of other choices.  4 years back, I moved into commercial (justification for a hobby really) track days and this SC was one of the options.  Suspension was deliberately left soft, Toyo R spec was as sticky as I went and brakes were left as is (drilled larger rotors and pads that are complete overkill for the stock engine build).  In other words...a very soft set up.

About this time, the gearbox decided it didn't want to play in 1st so off it went to get opened up.  Carlos & Dave at Cavacos speculated that they couldn't build a gearbox like that if they had all the time and money in the world and were amazed it functioned at all.  It was essentially stripped out and the case sold with a completely fresh rebuilt 915 put back in.  Of course everything else between the wheels & gear knob also required replacement (the cost of buying from a dodgy place now reinforced). 

We had a couple of other much quicker track cars (997 & IROC) so the SC was the 'tootle around the track in vintage style' option.  Typically this car would do 8 - 10 half days per year (half day being 3 sessions of 8 -10 laps on track with an instructor in the passenger seat).


Build details:

3.0SC street build (ie no ARP or higher rev etc...)  from AH and rebuild 915 and all driveline components from Cavacos.  I'll check records but would suspect car has done approximately 5000km on engine and maybe 1000km on gearbox.  Both will pass any test.  6 months back I added a 3.2 style oil cooler in wheel arch to replace trombone...just because it makes sense, imo.  The car has been well serviced in my time and quite often few kilometres between services.  Suspension is quite soft and I think that's probably the best place to spend a bit of money on the car if you were inclined to do so.  It's basically a bit hard for street comfort and a bit soft for giving it a red hot go on track.  

Interior - completely stripped wrt carpet etc.  Welded in full cage with engineering certificate, modification listed on registration paper and was purchased and ran on road for a couple of year on full rego.  This is achievable but (imo) highly questionable from a safety perspective, even though it, in theory, ticks all the boxes.  Better to keep it on limited club rego for track use (which is what I took it to after a few years of full rego) or get the cage out and put a half cage in for true dual purpose use.  In any case, the next owner can buy it in whatever configuration suits them (and their desired stamp duty bill).  Currently has two modern race seats, 6 point harness, camera etc.  I have the original four point 'press to release' belts (matching the paint colour...of course) and period Recaro that were in the car when I purchased it, to meet legal requirements.  This, I guess, gives it the 'racer' vibe while still being road legal from a seat belt perspective.  Has a new momo in it that's done about 1 hour of driving.

Paint/body - 8/10.  Looks great on pics.  IROC kit done well (but without centre oil cooler...so all just for looks).  I've had a door redone (after I stupidly opened it into a lift post) and a rear quarter redone.  It's been regularly clayed and waxed so in good condition...but it's not original (received a rotisserie paint job on initial build in Japan).

Driving - current muffler setup gives it a menacing burble at idle but interestingly,, over 4000 it's really subdued.  No issues whatsoever with street or track use wrt noise.  The quietest 911 at 6000 I've ever been in (pre 993).  Handling with current wheel/tyre/suspension setup is sticky and pushy rather than nimble and loose.   It will push understeer all day long if you push it too hard and has more rubber than hp.  Oversteer is achievable but you'd have to work really hard to get it to that point.  This was a very deliberate choice on my part when putting other people in the car.  This is all adjustable to your taste.  Easiest swap would be for smaller period correct rims and rubber = instant playfulness.  When I purchased the car, I thought to myself (after removing sub and purple interior and undercarriage lights) 'those wheels will have to go'.  But, over time, I've come to think that they're perfect for what is, in essence, a vintage Tokyo spec 911.  Having others with Fuchs etc meant I appreciated these for what they were.  They're really a size too large and if you have two people over 100kg in the car and are pushing it...you will have the occasional meeting of tyre on body over big bumps or if your throwing it around on the track.  Road use is fine - never had a touch of tyre on body even when pushing on.

Service History - everything since it's been in Aus.  Original build receipts from AH.  All other work done by Cavacos in Sydney.

Moving forward for the next owner - bullet proof engine and drivetrain.  No oil leaks, no mess, no fuss.  Starts every time...running nicely on original CIS...sounds great (and different to the standard variety of 911's).  I've taken off the heater/blower but still have it so should that be important, will be a 30min re install.  Throw an RS carpet set in if you wish to soften it a bit.  Change suspension to either harder or softer to suit your taste...lots of options on a very good starting point.  Out of all the 911's I've owned, this one has been the least fussy and least demanding (gearbox explosion excepted).  

Pricing is kind of hard as lhd (has never bothered me but understand less in this market) and has seen some track use (admittedly soft but some people don't like that kind of thing) plus Tokyo import on those rims.  Lets start at $88000 and see where we go from there.  In the current market I think that's a good price for a good SC that can be driven for years without issue.  Would suit either a first time buyer looking for an affordable way in or someone who wants to occasionally track a car without any issues (or the expense of something further up the hp tree).

Photos - I have a folder full of fantastic pics from Jayson Fong....all of which are too large for this site.  Happy to send them over via Google drive link to interested parties.image.thumb.jpeg.b46267790c17e5cf32351ca1e8222ed8.jpeg











IMG_2397 2.JPG

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2 hours ago, generalsmirnov said:

This image is my idea of heaven - shutter door with multiple porsches and a lift behind it 😃


Old pic from back when we were doing road tours.  The 78 (& yellow C3.0) spent most of the time as wallpaper.  I occasionally drove one or the other to keep the wheels turning but the other 4 were client cars.

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I'm going for more jeep than sports car. Regular off airport operations are planned so with that in mind a Cub base platform will do the job. I prefer the side by side arraignment of the Just Aircraft / Kitfox but if someone else was paying for it a Carbon Cub wouldn't be turned down.  

I've more than served my time motorbike camping so this is an extension of that. I spent a lot of my childhood with my dad flying and gliding around NSW and have always missed it. As kid they had to shoo me away from aircraft to stop me sneaking into them flight. Just under a year ago I thought bugger this I'll get my PPL and do it for myself. I was cracking along nicely flying every Friday but then some dope insisted I be promoted and I, against my better judgment accepted. This put a cramp in my Friday flight time and getting air time on a Saturday / Sunday is a challenge. I've worked a bit of a compromise with my Director for time every other Friday morning so I should be able to work with the school more proactivity now. I've found the Bob Tait text books quite good but I'm absolutely more of a visual learner. 

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12 hours ago, Uncle said:

I'm going for more jeep than sports car. Regular off airport operations are planned so with that in mind a Cub base platform will do the job. I prefer the side by side arraignment of the Just Aircraft / Kitfox but if someone else was paying for it a Carbon Cub wouldn't be turned down.  


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On 17/08/2023 at 11:38, Uncle said:

Dropping the price to $88k 


Morning mate Nicholas here in Boonah Qld just seeing if this is still available ? Thanks

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