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996 GT3CS

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Just throwing it out there - I'm about to paint my GT3 Clubsport back to its original Guards Red and then put it on the market. I'm just not using it and having just bought an expedition truck my mind is more on future travels than anything else.

Before I have it bare metalled and repainted I thought I would throw it out there to see if anyone is interested in it in its current black state. 

The basic details are:

Roughly 73,000km, in my ownership its has a very comprehensive gearbox rebuild with new LSD, 997RS crown wheel & pinion, gears, synchros etc, new suspension, new M&M exhaust system. I have a bunch of new interior trim parts, new perlon drivers seat cover & 2 sets cushions, CS fire extinguisher, new front bumper, & a bunch more odds and ends. For some reason I have a habit of buying cars and then spending a large amount of money to make them as good as I can and then selling to move on to something else! I work at an independent Porsche workshop and it got a vigorous going over before i bought it! One of the 5 Guards Red Mk1 GT3's delivered to Oz. Not an ex racecar.

Interested in a part trade on a low km 986 (pref S) or pricing in the low $200's. SA Mezgr plate can go with the car.

Mobile 0437 seven one eight 889





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