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[VIC] PFA on DISPLAY 12.2.2017


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As a part of our inaugural PFA_TRACKDAY_01 at Sandown we are looking to create a PFA on DISPLAY component to showcase our membership.

When we originally considered this, a "Show and Shine" style event seemed obvious. However upon further reflection, and in recognition of the diversity that makes up cohort, a few questions came to the fore...

"who's to say a straight-laced flat six is more important than a ropey old 4 cylinder firing on 3?!"

"is an undertray that you can eat your breakfast off any more important than a bug-splattered headlight?!"

"is a factory front snow-scoop more valid than tech-screwed-on Japanese variant?!?!"

With this mind, we are inviting all of our local (not to mention interstate) members to come and display their car/s on the morning of the trackday, and then just stand around at lunchtime and wait for their award to be given...

In addition to the regular accolades for showiness and shininess, we will also recognise the car with the highest kms, the oldest, the most brutishly handsome, and the least factory correct, amongst others!

We will have barrista coffee, bacon and egg rolls, tire kicking, and general gasbaggery... sort of sounds like what we regularly do anyway!

So, whether your's is polished to within an inch of its base coat, or still wears the dust and bugs from a recent blat; whether your's is your life-long partner, or indeed whether you might be interested in selling it (we will have discreet For Sale stickers available on the day); we want ALL MEMBERS available to come and park their car up on the apron, and lets all have a celebration of what the PFA is all about - the humble, and not-so-much: PCAR!

PFA on DISPLAY cars will arrive and be parked between 8-9am, and then the awards will be given out at approximately 12.15pm. There is no charge other than an up to date financial membership.

* If you are attending, please consider giving an hour of your time in one of the various volunteer roles on the day including scrutineering, BBQ, Pitlane Control, and PFA_DISPLAY overview (thread going up later today).


And so, who's in?!


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There is going to be a selection of photographers there on the day so if your wanting to get amongst it and show of your P-car (off track) this is the way to do it. Everyone is welcome, even Symsy is allowed. 

Luke from Fuel press is going to come along too.............



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