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Rescuing a Klassic


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To the unfamiliar, I am the owner of an imported and converted 1971 Light Yellow 911E which is colloquially known around these traps as KLASSY.

For the full history, I refer you to the following --> http://porscheforum.com.au/topic/9046-disrobing-klassssy-de-959-ing/

I've been holding off creating a build thread, for reasons that nothing has changed with the car as purchased yet. I have several other builds going on which are taking my attention.


My weekend and spare time during the week build. (in between training and teaching)

Rust repairs complete on the left side and final stages on the right. Then to focus on the body work ;) 


Yep, drive through to a future workshop and three bays up front. Did I mention, there is enough headroom for a 4 post hoist to house two P cars :) Bollards on speed dial waiting to be inserted :ph34r:

Sorry, I digress, so back to the E.

It arrived to Melbourne just before Christmas and I went to see the car early this year.


Since then I have been scouring eBay and other forums reading, looking and generally asking random questions. I have put the feelers out in the usual places for the original engine of which I am not holding my breath. So, I concluded that rather than having the current 3.0L that resides in the car, and the level of restoration (rescue) that I want to undertake, it warranted a period correct engine. To that end, the below is on a ship and due to arrive late April. Full rebuild, new valves, pistons, clutch plate, blah blah. When I go to my parts storage bin, I will post a pic of the pretties that sit on top ;)


It's obviously going to be partially disassembled to send everything off to be plated, coated, painted etc as it needs to look smart. Sorry, but that red fan just 'aint doing it for me :wacko:

I have placed several orders with other companies as well. I am waiting on aaesales to 'sort their shipping out' to determine whether I request a full refund and make my purchase elsewhere. My Lakewell order was placed earlier this week (trims, carpet, door pockets etc). I was able to track down a reproduction passenger door pull as they are unfortunately NLA. Not the best as it is puffy where the door release sits in, but better have that than nothing!! Of course the trusty James at AutoHause who supplied well lots! Full rubber kit, brake lines, arm rest, brake master, battery boxes and all of my panels. I will obviously be purchasing a bucket load more as I go along!





to be continued.....

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@Niko In my spare time I show off to the Governator.

I was pleased that his cronies deemed my performance good enough for his social media feed!.


XR my good man. It will be a GT as I have been collecting all the original parts for several (read many) years. Even have a NOS reverse switch amongst many others. The 9", well, I just had to have that because one strip of rubber is just not quite right ;) I have the Windsor that was in my Fairlane. I'm in two minds to just put back the 351 heads or take out the lumpy top pistons or in fact go nuts and stroke it. Don't worry, there'll be plenty of 'stroking' when this thing breathes fire.........

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Good to see it is on the path to recovery :)

My very first registered car was a XR Fairmont, that someone had put a manual into! There were several other cars "laying around" but the XR was the first car I drove all those years ago......

Good luck with all your little projects!

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Weld on a donor = Simple

As long as the roof skeletal structure is stitched into the rest of the frame (which it will), then the skin is the easy bit. The car's history is one of the main reason it is at SkunkWerks along with the fact that I do like their work!!

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Looks that way. It was a very very very difficult thing for me to do.

Can't wait to see this progress. Very interested to see some more of Skunkwerks work. 

So, the current hotrod gets put back to standard 3.2 and a new hotrod goes full turbo monty that uses all of your goodies?

You've already seen their work in the SC of PorkChops. I like the eye of their head panel beater as he picked the square, or lack thereof in my SC. They use the right stuff, they have the passion and you pay a fair price for a fair (read good) job! Remember, someone who sees good is another's great.....

assumed the yellow rx was yours too. Oh and i meant "more photos" of the xr :)

Ah....understand now regarding RX.

As to not 'pollute' this thread with blue oval pics, here's the link to the Photobucket folder. --> http://s1380.photobucket.com/user/pkougias/library/Bertha?sort=3&page=2

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Noted and Humble apologies - egg sucking was not intended

Sorry I did not mean what you thought (well I think so! :) ), just if anyone asked and you did paint it Silver , no need to mention back story to them :)

Eggs can remain sucked or unsucked..... not sure which :P

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