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Project Jelly Bean (AKA Kinda Green ’99 996 911)

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A couple of months back I purchased a 1999 Jade Ocean Porsche 911 after making a phone call offer while waiting for the wife at a shop (lesson to wife, don’t leave me + phone + gumtree alone) for what was probably the cheapest price ever for a running drivable 911. To prove it was a bargain I flew from Perth to Brisbane and then drive it to Melbourne in 2 days. It was rock solid the whole way.








Before being that stupid the car did have a PPI which showed up it needed some work on the sunroof (did I mention it was a kinda green 996.1 cab auto 911… lucky I am not looking to part with it anytime soon), brakes were worn, CV boots shot, indicator stalk issues, some missing rubbers in the engine bay, noisy solenoid on the fuel cap and a few other minor things. Got a quote to fix and nearly fell over but an awesome bargaining tool as I knew I could just about rebuild the car from ground up (just don’t like cracking open engines…).

The drive home showed it was mechanically rock solid as noted in the PPI, it had a replacement engine (now a none matching car, resale value huh?) but that was a bonus as it had an upgraded IMS bearing (maybe increased value on that one…).

My wife is not a fan of the colour but I have grown to like it, so for now it gets to stay unwrapped. But when my pelican part order came in with Jelly Beans my wife looked at the car and those and said “you have purchased a Jelly Belly!”… so the car is now called Jelly Bean.

This thread aims to document what happens when someone who was boxster shopping buys a 911 for the same price instead! I am very DIY happy having designed and built a Lotus 7 replica a few years back and armed with a pretty good garage but even better a friend with a workshop.

First job: Rear disks and pads all around, following the 101 projects guide all pretty easy once you find the anti-theft socket thing.




Some air filters and the rubber things that were missing:





Indicator stalk didn’t set off the airbag or the warning light so win!

No photos… woops! Didn’t do the 4 stalk upgrade as picked up a 986 one for a good price.

Installed an android double din head unit so I had blue tooth, sat nav, and can add cameras later (the reverse camera is actually in the dash as I don’t feel like running the wires the length of the car!). Someone had already played with the wiring so some fun was had but enough trial and error with wiring diagrams got it sorted and rocking the usb and Bluetooth tunes!








CV boot replacement… the instructions are wrong on pelican parts. Auto = fat box = undo suspension to get clearance you need = totally crap job.






Softop issues, not got around to solving these yet as I leave the hardtop on anyway. The PPI said it was stiff to move. Something happened between the PPI and me trying it out as it didn’t work at all. Manually opening it turned up that the issue is the clam not moving, everything else works fine.

Clam wise the motor runs but it won’t move and the LHS hinge is broken. Since I can manually drive the clam with the allen key tool I am hopeful the drive screws are fine and its just striped the connection shaft. Hinge wise tossing up trying to weld it and see what happens as worst case it breaks again best it fixes it for cheap. Don’t think I will find one at the wreckers for cheap.

Also found someone butchered the rear plastic parts over the pop up roll bars… that will need to be replaced.

Some photos of it getting torn down, the top up (really good condition it turns out) and broken things:






Future projects:

·        Baby seat… why not buy a 911 when a baby is due in a few months? Cab +baby seat = passengers face on the windscreen J.


·        Solenoid for fuel cap

·        Oil and filter change

·        Gearbox oil and filter change

·        Reverse camera and a forward facing dash cam

·        Exhaust mod (expected more noise from the flat 6)

·        DIY Hardtop hoist in the garage

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Well done! Love that you bought an unusual colour 911 and you are not scared to work on it yourself!
I have sometimes thought of a 996 with a hardtop as an inexpensive way into a 911.

Here, here on the baby seat, Porsches are great cars for kids!

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Thanks for the kind words, i am finding it a lot more fun  vs when you have to make everything from scratch each time you want to change something.

Was on my way back into melbourne around the ring road Sat night and passed a black cayman 987, wife said she liked it and how much? When i said it was more then i paid for the 911 there was a pause and a suggestion maybe one of those next? That is permission right? haha. Might leave that for a year or so post baby as i dont feel like having to sleep in the garage with them.

911 in for roady friday so lets hope no more surprises.

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Took the car through its roady today, got it back with a list but some funny items:

1. Could not find the engine number, proceeded to show me a bunch of print outs about GT3's and other cars and asked if i am sure its a 911. As he said it appears to be a 996... Looking under the car i could see punch marks were the engine number is. Could not read it laying on the floor next to the car but how they missed it i dont know.

2. High beam inner globes don't work, didnt know they had inner high beam globes. Think they mean the fog lights and they just could not make them work as every light works when i tested it when i got home.

3. Could not inspect the disc/pads due to missing lock nut... which is in the tool pouch with the car.



Apart from that 

1. Handbrake needs adjustment, should have done it when i did the rear discs

2. "ABS" wiring needs grommets replaced on 3 corners as its not held in place

3. Front bump stops worn/cracked

4. Gearbox mount is broken... i know its sagged from the PPI and i have a replacement but after reading how it needs to be done hopped i could skip through without it.

5. Rear mud flaps... they mean the inner linings for the wheel guards. Will just get a set off a wrecked car.


Really only item that is a PITA is 4.

While doing that might look at installing the engine mount stiffeners.

Guess you will get some more pictures  of a 996 in pieces on a hoist :mellow:


Ahh the joys, at least i can buy off the shelf parts and not making everything from scratch like its garage mate. Though the road worthy guy looked at when i put in club plates and pretty much just handed the paperwork saying he was not driving that in the wet and you have to put in the hoist and not leave the workshop while it is here...


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Item 2 has given me a little curve ball, not had a chance to check yet but from what i was told i need to replace the rubber parts, but i cannot find a part number for them.

Can get an entire wiring kit (996-612-952-00) from pelican but its a bit silly spending $300 to replace some rubber grommets.


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The simple answers and generally the best... will hopefully get the car up on the hoist tomorrow and measure some things and take a look at how bad is this transmission mount and also the bump stops.

And knock over item 1.

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Well i had some time this arvo to jack up the car and take a look at the what the road worthy guys was on about.

Muppet items:

1. Engine number, AT clearly showing its a replacement engine....



2. All the lights working, nothing changed.




3. Took the wheel off using the missing lock nut tool.



1. Yep, hand brake needs adjustment


2. The grommets are knackered, dimensions and some photos:




3. RHS front bump stops issues, not sure i agree they are in bad shape...



4. The gearbox mount is more broken then i thought it would be.  Still no plan on how to do the swap.  Pelican says removal of the box is simple... if i do pull it will also do a fluid/filter replacement.  Unless someone wants to come to my help with a transmission tool?

Have a video using a scope camera, not very good as was doing this laying on the floor and need to work out how i will post...


5. Rear mud plans, did the 996 come with these as i do not see how they fit... So can someone with a 996 take a look behind there rear wheels?


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10 hours ago, dan_189 said:


Looking good so far, assuming you've looked in the PET already for those ABS grommets? 

I had not heard of PET, until just googled it. Thanks!

It however didnt give me any more details, on page 531 it mentions the harness i note above.

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23 minutes ago, Taffy said:

I had not heard of PET, until just googled it. Thanks!

It however didnt give me any more details, on page 531 it mentions the harness i note above.

PET is your best friend! 

Also autoatlanta is brilliant. I'd just search for rubber grommet on autoatlanta then put in an order with PCM parts. Usually for small bits going to the dealership is the best. 

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Nice pick up Taffy, love 996's in whacky colours... like a 90's version of Viper green. Great to see you're getting stuck in with the tools and finding the 996 is very DIY-able. Looks like your bumpstops are like mine were, don't look to bad but give em a poke and they turn to powder. Fortunately relatively easy to replace.

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2 hours ago, TINGY944 said:

@TaffyAutohaus Hamilton in Sydney are good for parts and @JustJameswill look after you, a lot of parts i have ordered are comparable on price with what you would buy overseas.

+996 for autohaus have bought a few things from them over the years too. 

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Thanks for the suggestion will check out autohaus (annoyingly i am here right now with work, o'well next time). A couple of days ago placed another order for parts from Pelican and realised i forgot the repair kit for the soft top motor. Annoying as i remembered i had something to add to the order but just could not place it.

Anyway will have the bump stops, hinge repair kit for the center console, replacement covers on the hard top removal bolts, sparks plugs (didnt add to postage), some gaskets (Same on postage again), a bump for the transmission fluid, brake pad sensors (the front were showing signs of aging) and a set of axle bolts for post removing the transmission.

Still have a fuel filter, fuel cap solenoid and oil filter jobs to do. Will see i get some time this weekend to knock over some more jobs.

Got some grommets that look the right size but not exactly the same shape from Clark Rubber, will see if they fit while i work how if i can get the Porsche ones later.

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