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Porsche 911R - Here it is!


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A new report finds Porsche will introduce a limited-edition model dubbed 911 R in the not-too-distant future.

Billed as a tribute to the original 911 R that was launched as a homologation special in 1967, Porsche's next limited-edition model will be equipped with the same 3.8-liter flat-six engine that powers the track-ready 911 GT3 (pictured). Its output will likely remain pegged at 475 horsepower and 324 lb-ft. of torque but it will be bolted to a manual transmission, a feature not offered on the GT3. 

Although further details are being kept under wraps, it's not too far-fetched to speculate the gearbox will be a seven-speed unit. Rear-wheel drive will be the only configuration available.

Don't get the wrong idea, the 911 R won't simply be a GT3 with a stick. It will ditch its automatic counterpart's sizable trunk-mounted wing for a more streamlined appearance, it will ride on skinnier tires and it is expected to weigh noticeably less. In short, the R is shaping up to be the long-rumored driver-focused 911.

Read more: http://www.leftlanenews.com/gt3powered-manualonly-porsche-911-coming-89915.html#ixzz41ZJ9v8zW

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Me personally I love to keep seeing new cars coming through and the more real cars that test the boundares of physics in what they output whilst they consume copious amounts of fuels is fine fo me.

As I understand alllocations have already been made..overseas and Im told some customers notified.

My question is , what becomes of the GT3 , GT4  and the GT3RS , do they become like the  Boxster , Cayman and 911 of theis ere.. last of the manuals….

493bhp as if they couldnt have dropped a little Cayenne pepper and made it 5 …or I feel there will be a 500 GTRRRRRRRRR or something to come :)   Theres more behind those curtains im sure and I bet it wont come with stripes , to give the effect of looking like a race car

Dont get me wrong , I think all the cars I list are the most amazing bits of kit .. but how many times are we going to hear the "The Last Manual" chant to keep the prices high.

Truth is , I hope they go down in price then I can get any  of thm and will be able to catchup for a closer look to the dude zooming away from me in this ;)

Enough now!  A secondary though as long as they keep the petrol bit Im happy , I dont want no D Cells to charge.


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the more real cars that test the boundares of physics in what they output whilst they consume copious amounts of fuels is fine fo me.

Sounds like my 1973 Land Rover. That provides some white knuckle moments.

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Most of these are caused by the vortexes created by cars flying past...... :ph34r:

Sometimes. Actually it's a very hard vehicle to drive. Especially doing 100km/hr on the Southern Outlet . So be careful about passing, sometimes I am fighting the wheel.

It is like driving a tractor. For most people they can only imagine. Tractors only do about 30km/hr though.

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So does the front quarter view for that matter :)

Good luck to the 600 people (worldwide) who snag one!

I heard it was 991 units they were making.

Anyways - I am sure they are all pre-allocated. I know the locals dealers have had deposits down for them for a LONG time - that's if Aus even gets any of the limited supply they are making. 

Still - as awesome as it is I'm just not seeing it being worth double the GT4 ($200,000 Euro is the price I've also heard - so +$400K here no doubt).

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I wouldn't kick it out of bed if it farted (not that I could get it in there in the first place), but I reckon its a bit underwhelming. Nice n all, but......... Do like the seats though

Gimme the old one anyday

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