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gents all in good time...

project tuityfruity aka TANGent aka oh dear... is about to take a U turn and I'm in needing of some quality build input here gents... post your musings, your doodles, your late nights stirrings... I'm equal opportunity, no gender bias here,  so come one... roll up, roll up

here is no place for Sunday morning Q's.., here ask yourself not what Putin would do,  but tell me in no uncertain terms, what you would do if so badly  provoked. We are all driven by our baser programmed  instincts - thirst, hunger, pain, sex   and compelling forces are at work within us. There are two constituents of a primordial emotion--the specific sensation which when severe may be imperious, and the compelling intention for gratification... :) If you need it.  further reading on the primordial brain  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/18701321/ 

So where does that leave us. Could it be 

 a G series backdate  hottie -  think Kylie Minogues hot pants https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qaGS3Uts704 or something more subdued? Nuanced ? Subtle ? 

I'm thinking though about another colour change .... maybe back to silver ... SO let's storyboard this baby post em ramblings post em pics - I won't kiss n tell I. won't mock (well a little) 

It's a lovely Sunday morning 


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"projection on a tool"



so a solid basis for relatin... At least your getting it ;)

This thread needs you!!!!

pics gents wheel options. interiors, exteriors - back date forward date no  date 

story board me 


PS wtb COVIN coupe 

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Why do all the other gents on this forum get takin so seriously. Is it me?


Keep the pics coming gents and tit wacko racer matchbox dinky stuff is kook but kool

TK - anything jäger is cool ( think are mate McConnell :) ) 

so story board gents I wanna see devilish build details - spread it thick

ps that fuzzy felt  interior even on iPhone is too cheech for me 

Build so far:

Powdercoated front suspension arms, urethane suspension throughout, steering mods, koni adjustable shocks rear,turbo torsion rods ,front and rear shock tower bracing, bare metal total respray inside and out, sparco race steering wheel, short throw shifter 5spd and set 3" back, shortened handbrake,brake bias pedalbox,carbon composite front guards, fibreglass front bumper,fibreglass rear spoiler with original hatch as well,original bumpers and steel front skirt, side skirts , big brakes (corvette) with front cooling ductware,front body mod for oil cooler assy,dzus fasteners for front bumper and guards, side glass, powder coated window surrounds,electric Windows, 

Steel flywheel with solid 4puck brass button clutch 

Engine completely 're built new,
2.7, linebored ,decked down,shuffle pinned, crankcase ported for windage, oil gallery mods,New oil pump,New bolts throughout ,heads fully cc'd,ported and polished including chambers,"e" cams in motor - top and bottom end balanced and clearance checked Porsche mahle European 9.35 pistons ,refurbished rocker gear,all new seals,competition oil pickup,powder coated tinware and fan,comes with 40 mm webbers msd ms6 ignition box, dizzy calibrated,New timingchain and slippers tensioners

Probably going to put steel front back on ? Not sure 

Looking for brakes - turbo or sc or other 

looking for front and rear bar options - orig modified or other .

Poking about for seat options there will be other requests ...

fan is been pulled , stripped and detailed 









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I wish you hadn't have asked this. What I would do...

Keep it G series in appearance, remove the rear over riders and the bottom half off the rear spoiler which would leave room to fit centre exit poo shooters.

Carrera front end

16x9 Fuchs black centres with polished hoops, 235 rubber in the rear.

No spoiler and keep the oil lines exposed

Wrong bumpers on the below green example, OEM corners and 'delete' the duck tail (or perhaps keep) but a lot like this:


Colour should be something fantastic from the 70's. I'd be happy with the tangerine you but would also consider signal green or the light yellow. 

Keep the interior stripped, minimal carpet except for the foot wells, cushion pads installed in the rear, RS door cards, etc. 

Cobra Classic RS seat



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colour options?

stay orange?

colour change to some other colour e.g. leaf green, or return to its original silver metallic - choices. either way i will be adding back body/sound deadener to the car.

got a few current seat options though not settled on these - so if you have other seat thoughts let me know or have any seats let me know - PM's please

GT3 (thx kelly)



Repro Sports RECAROS - by Vintage.  black leatherette - though after having tartan in the sporto would add fabric inserts.

Recaro Rallye 2 - hard to find 72-73 year model only. these maybe familiar to some hot rod afficiandos..whose using seats styled like these now?

pics  indicative only mine need refurb


anyone guess what these puppies are? have two sets black black and these guys


other chair ideas welcomed - got any kookie seats not wanted PM me

wheel options

steel? fucks? BBS? borbets :) other?

have  access to

  • BBS - what are these called?
  • 16 x7 fuchs
  • 15 x7, 8's
  • one technomagnesio anyone have 3 more?
  • 15 x 6 steelies silver 
  • 15 x 5.5 steelies silver
  • 15 x4.5  steelies (red) with white walls









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Well I'm partial to steelies with a deep dish, preferably the 944 spares that have the round holes.

Like the last set of seats there, as being an earlier car, I think big race seats look a bit over the top and unsuited, yet I would fit the Recaro's

My favourite Porsche colour is Silver Mink, with Kermit green second, so if I was to build a custom 911, it would be either of those colours. Orange is cool though.

All in all, I would build the green car above without the duck tail, yet painted silver with a period race car feel to it. An ST basically

Keep me in mind if you want to unload some 15 x 6 steelies too. Or if you have x 2 15 x 5.5's. I need 2 more


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