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Magnus Walkers latest 'signature touch'


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An eyewitness account from @porschecollector on IG: I was there when it happened this morning...he didn't hit a guard rail...he slid right into his own trailer! Was giving a test drive to some gal...driving fast...hammered the breaks to avoid oncoming car...slid right into his car trailer. And yes he is fine-

Sounds like he did it all for the nookie.

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I too like Magnus, and am glad he is OK, how is he going to go with insurance.

Magnus-: Hi I have had an accident, my car is a write off

Clerk-: What type of car 

Magnus-: Porsche 71T (Or whatever it was made from)

Clerk-: OK sir we will pay out $25,000, that is our redbook value.

Magnus-: No mine is worth $500,000

Clerk-; Why?

Magnus-: because I am famous, the car is on the interweb you know.

Clerk-: PORSCHE W^nk3r.


Seriously I hope he repairs it and we see him back on the road shortly.

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Even with the IG explanation above, how was he moving so quickly as to lose control like that in such close proximity of a large trailer? I cant quite fathom.

Colbolt off R/L Rekons:He seams to be running some R compound tire if he hammered or locked up the brakes I don't see any skid marks? 

If the on coming car was heading the same direction as the trailer and tried passing the driver would have to go way over to the other side of the lane while Magnus had no place to go but into the trailer.:unsure:

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" was taking his 1971 Porsche out for a bit of drift action in sunny Minneapolis on an empty dealership lot when he tried his best to avoid crashing into classic Mercedes Benz, but instead slid into a truck trailer parked on the lot. " and " And if there’s anything we know about Magnus Walker, it’s that he’ll repair his Porsche with his own two hands

I shoulda been a journalist, because then you get paid for writing this stuff


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