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1964 Mini Cooper 998

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Sharing some pictures of my restoration of a 1964 Cooper 998 I bought a couple of months ago.

A significant car in that they made about 500 of these Australian built 998 Coopers late in 1964 as part of a Government push for increased Australian content and manufacturing.

This is the highest number (as in the last of the batch) recorded on the registry, and still has its correct engine.

Colour is Toga White over British Racing Green, with a grey/green interior trim.

Hopefully have him finished in the next few months.

















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Looking great! I have a '62 997 Cooper that needs a full resto, just need more time! Have owned the car for 30 years (!), and moved several times over the years. One day... Shadow Blue and Platinum roof. Will follow with interest, so rare to see them on the road these days - and they are defintely "mini" compared to cars today.


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Love those Classic Mini's. A good mate bought a ex JDM Rover Mini Mayfair which was a stalled project, It was good buy as they have jumped up in price, we are slowly rebuilding it. Part prices are unbelievably cheap. SU carb is giving us grief.

He had a Mini when he met his wife, so there are some fond memories of that mini at the old Toorak Drive-Inn; but he doesn't think wife wants to repeat history though!

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This thread reminds me of a project I undertook in my late teens with dad many years ago. it was a Nov 1970 build Mk 2 Cooper S finished in Pacific Green (similar to BRG) purchased for $400 in 1975 - it was the previous owner’s 3rd Cooper S and, as a panel beater, he had stripped it to repaint it red. He had to sell quickly to return to the UK so we purchased it with most parts in boxes including a complete interior, glass & the engine/gearbox assembly. It had been sitting in a corner of his panel shop in Frankston so once we got it home and cleaned off all the dust, decided to retain the original BRG and reassemble the car. It was a voyage of discovery determining exactly what everything was & where it fitted. Discovered the engine was modified by Ron Brownrigg, an engineer known for modifying Minis - bored to 1310cc, blueprinted and fitted with a 45mm Weber & extractor exhaust. The carburettor was too large to fit behind the engine so there was a cutout & alloy plate inserted in the firewall to create sufficient space. Recall numerous trips to Mini Bits in Westall Rd Clayton South to Mini Bits to source missing parts including replacing the Tasman alloy wheels with ROH Contessa minilite lookalike alloys. If only I had kept that car …


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