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New record set for Aussie Muscle

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You know what really annoys me is the price the XC Cobra got ($190k iirc). They have no racing heritage. No connection to any racer and were nothing but a parts bin special just to get rid of the existing stock.

I sold my VC HDT commodore, original condition, never restored in VG condition with all books etc, through Shannons last July for $52 which is about average price. My car has all the boxes ticked. Was built by someone with a very special connection to our racing history (Brock) and only 500 made of which there are less than 350 left and yet I could only get 1/4 of what a parts bin special with some stripes gets.

Now don't get me wrong I happen to like the Cobra and would like to have one but not at a price that is more than a HDT car.

Good luck to the seller and the buyer, well you've got more money than sense (that is just my jealous opinion).

Anyway rant over.

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The power of looks.  The same reason a wedge Dino GT4 is worth a fraction of a curvy Dino 246.

The XA to XC coupes are generally considered  a great looking car and, importantly, a 2 door.  For a lot of people, Commodores are a homely looking 4 door sedan. 

(Did always like those HDT blue VK’s with the white wheels though). 

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It's pretty nuts when compared to American muscle car prices (arguably the closest comparison)

The really big money only goes to the homologatuon specials and special order stuff.  But not many breach the $200k mark.

But if you compare it to a Daytona / superbird maybe it's not so silly.

the buyer probably doesn't care how much he paid, he's got it in the shed and his mates will be jealous.  

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30 minutes ago, symsy said:

4 door.. crazy..worlds gone mad..theres your nostalgic dollar right there

You can get your mates along for the ride though , and a couple of slabs in the back. There's Aussie for ya! Chuck in a roll of sandpaper and that's better than sitting at home scratching your balls :lol:

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Back in 99 I purchased and L34 as an unfinished project all the body and paint had been done just needed the mechanical side sorted ...

I paid $15,000 for the car and then put around another $20,000 into it over a 12 month period sorting out the mechanical side of it and getting on the track ...

I sold the car in 2005 for $50,000 just as the prices started to climb on Aussie muscle cars at the time I didn,t think prices would go any higher and the bubble would burst ,,,,

How wrong was I ,,,,,,,,,as we now ,,,prices went much higher 

Can,nt complain I did make some money on that car ,,,,,and at the time I wanted to move into something else .......it is just one of those thing were you think crap if I hung onto it for another 5 years I could have got $100,000 ...............:rolleyes:



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4 hours ago, Raven said:

.......it is just one of those thing were you think crap if I hung onto it for another 5 years

  I could say that about my 55,64,65 Chevys, HQ, HK and HG Monaro's, XU1, XY and XT Falcons, Cortina twin cam etc. Never really lost money, but didn't make a fortune like I would now if I still owned them. Never liked the square shaped Torana's, and laughed when a mate bought a mint A9X for $10k that he still owns. Bastard! 

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