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It's about time @GUT as you really need to get out and driving more often ;)

Seeing as though I'll most likely be shamed if I don't partake, In (I guess :rolleyes::lol:). I have a few ideas for a quicker run than the usual route, meet for a 7:30 departure and should be back in Healesville with a bagel by 9ish. 


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You mean we've got more than 4 hours notice this week! I thought you were a fly by the seat of your pants type man @GUT. Your reputation is now in question. 

If I don't end up heading to Winton then I might just be in.  


PFA = Less chardonay, boxters and adult nappies

Maybe we should get some t-shirts made up with that slogan. Wonder if @BAFE would buy one :lol:

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If anyone coming through from the south/bayside wants to pick up a Co-pilot from Mordialloc on the way I'd love to get out for a morning in a P-car or 5!

You'll help stop me from going crazy from withdrawals and I'll help you set the fastest stage times calling the pace notes, checking tyre pressures between stages and ordering breakfast!

Happy to car-hop between a few of you to taste the different flavours.

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