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[For Sale] EOI 1969 911 T

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Due to a new project looming, unfortunately room needs to be made in my current stable. After many sleepless nights and careful consideration I have decided to offer my 1969 911 T for sale to facilitate the transition. I'm posting here initially, if not of interest to the PFA community it will be offered/listed for sale elsewhere. 

Original Aus delivery 1969 911T in its factory colour of Ossi Blau.

2.7L (webers) to a period RS spec/performance via a 5 speed gearbox. 

Original/period body, bumpers etc. with the addition of RS rear flares & hood spot lights. 

I purchased the car 2-3 years ago as a very fresh restoration off a well-known TYP 901 member who extensively documented its rebuild. I was wanting a preferably pre 1970 early 911, completely straight and rust free example (as so many of these early cars can suffer from neglect and do often contain rust somewhere). This car underwent a complete bare metal, nut and bolt restoration and is spotless as a result, inside and out. 

The first several months of ownership was giving the car a shakedown and getting the car running properly as is required with any car after such an extensive rebuild. Safe to say that the car is now a very well sorted, reliable (+ quick) driver. 

The car is littered with trick parts, Wevo components have been used throughout (shifter, clutch/pedal box, suspension) – the detail of the build is more than skin deep and needs to be seen & driven to be appreciated. 

The car has been built as an inspired 60's/70's period racer, set up for road (B-roads in particular) and is properly quick. It’s setup, ride, turn in etc. is just fabulous – not what you’d typically expect from a 50yo chassis. 

I essentially went out to find a platform to create my “ultimate” long hood period 911 that I could enjoy driving anywhere but was more capable than a stock/original car of the era when driven energetically. I love race cars, but being a road car focused build I wanted it to be a little understated so it’s a blend of these elements but still something I see as period correct reflection – no overcooked, just delicately trying to find that balance of all the things I have grown to appreciate and love about early 911’s. 

This car had always been purchased as a keeper with zero intention to sell. However due to a new project looming it's time for this lovey car to find a new owner who will hopefully use and enjoy it as intended. 









(Photography by Motor Project) 

Some additional footage of the car as featured in the DRIVEN series by Shannons Insurance;


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That must be a tough decision Hugh, it’s a beautiful car. Love the colour, stance and that exhaust note. Hope it stays close in the PFA community.

I can only anticipate the next stablemate is something special...

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Wow GLWS.  Fascinated to see what's next, must be amazing for you to let this one go.  You didn't consider another garage extension?

If I wanted a long hood, I'd be all over this - it's just right - build quality/colour/wheels/stance/sound.......

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